October 30th, 2018 was my first post about TRONBET, back in the day the mining stage was just starting if I’m not mistaken it was the first stage, as show on the next image payouts were really good compare to now days but the game is about keeping up with inflation, to fight back inflation I have been buying 50 ANTE every day.

To use this DAPP you will need TRONLINK, click here to visit TRONLINK HOW TO, TUTORIAL

There are new Casino websites TRON based, some will keep running and may have high volume for the first days, as any other chart the volume on this Casinos have peaks, once there is a new Casino users rush into it to get early, so far TRONBET has demonstrate after several updates, improvements, new games and development that its here to stay.

Volume is picking up again and it seems by some pictures posted by Moderators on their Telegram that marketing is about to start, they are also advertising on Dapp.Review.

Pictures posted at their telegram by moderator:

Keep in mind that Casinos are risky no matter if its a website or a physical Casino, you can either loose everything or make some profit.

TRONBET new games since opening in October:

Moon: is a crash game, where you bet any amount of TRON you are willing to loose and the indicator will start from 0 to any point, I have seen it go to 1000x, and you decide where you want to stop, for example you bet 10 trx (minimum bet) and it stops at 10x then you get back 90 trx as profit plus your initial 10 trx, there is auto feature where you can set a fix amount and Auto-Stop at any given point from 1.01 to 9999.

I have play moon in the past, its a lot of fun but its most luck than skills.

There second and last game is call Ring

Ring: kind of a roulette game where there are four colors, each one represent an increment on your bet, 2x GREY, 3x RED, 5x BLUE and 50x YELLOW. As their other games the minimum amount is 10 trx but the max amount varies depending on the color you are playing, here an image of how it looks.

Max Bet Amount per Color:

– 2x Grey: 30,000 TRX

– 3x Red: 20,000 TRX

– 5x Blue: 120,000 TRX

– 50x Yellow: 1,200 TRX

It is my believe that this amounts have been set to avoid users wining using Martingale method since if a user has a big bag of TRX and decides to play 50x at the point when he wins this user would take a huge amount of TRX home leaving from the dividend pool.

On the first stages of the mining process it was fairly easy to mine ANTE but now days to get 1 ANTE you need to play 1800 TRX at current price that’s almost $60.00 for you to get 1 ANTE as reward no matter if you win or loose, here an article on how to Freeze your ante and get dividends, click here.

In occlusion for me TRONBET seems to be the most stable, develop and organize Casino out there in crypto, I’ll keep getting more ANTE every day and this is just the start, TRON is getting back to over $0.02 cents after last year all time highs of $0.25 cents, getting all this TRON right now and just putting it away will get massive rewards in the upcoming months.

If you would like to join TRONBET click here

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  1. James Diegel

    As time goes on it seems that Tron and EOS will have pretty serious competition for the blockchain gambling dapps – and I don’t think that a clear winner will emerge so quickly. I’m sure someday I’ll make my way over there to check it out and play around – so thanks for the breakdown of what to expect 🙂

      1. James Diegel

        Haha – looks like we are on similar paths going the opposite direction!! It’s difficult – this thing they call crypto. As you mention, the key is to get in early – and with so many projects sometimes you just gotta focus first on what you know – until of course, curiosity gets the better of us 🙂

        1. Rom Post author

          Just like TRYBE, I know it from some time but now its getting better, the platform looks better and works better and now Im trying to push my content with all possible social media and remember about TRYBE and I can see it still early on this platform, so being early and taking the risk comes with a nice reward if the project is successful so Ill start to post more on TRYBE