For the past few weeks the TRON community has been raving about the number of daily transactions in the TRON network. It has been reported that their network was able to reach, on the average 1 million transaction daily which is quite a feat for a decentralized application which is generally seen as something that cannot scale at the moment. It seems that the TRON network has gotten themselves an application that have increased the usage of their network.

This new app took on the form of a dice game or what some people call a “High and Low” game dubbed as TRONbet. What makes this particular gaming site unique is the fact that all executed bets are done on-chain via a Smart contract that is initiated on every bet. In doing so the developers of the website were able to design a dice game wherein users or players never loses custody of their digital assets. This was made possible through the use of Tronlink and more recently Scatter (which has recently supported TRON).

Tronlink and Scatter are web browser extensions that enables users interact with the TRON network.  It can be liken to MetaMask for the Ethereum network that is widely considered a light wallet web extension. Users who wishes to play the dice game they are required to unlock their Tronlink or Scatter chrome extension app.  When the web browser extension wallet apps are unlocked the game lets  you automatically play with your available Tron balances immediately.

As mentioned earlier all bets are executed on-chain meaning each time a wager is made the website executes a Smart contract and awaits the users approval of the user to execute the bet (a pop-out window will appear).  Using this method it adds an additional level of security as the digital assets of the users never leaves the custody of the player making them solely responsible for their TRON TOKEN (TRX).

To make it a lot more interesting the developers also included its own utility token called “Ante” which serves as the player’s stake to the reward pool it gives out each time the website reaches a certain amount of  Antedistributed. The Ante are distributed in small amounts each time a player makes a wager that is relative to the amount that is wagered. The bigger the amount wagered the larger Ante is distributed to the player which increases his or her stake on the reward pool.

Ante” is a Tron-base token which users can only get when they play the dice game. This makes playing with higher bets and more frequency enticing as it enables you to get more TRX rewards. With that being said let me share with you a strategy that I have modified that is optimized to get you more Ante safely. This strategy is the one I used when I was actively playing at Freebitcoin. If you want to check out the original strategy you might want to read my article here.

The gist  of this strategy is managing the number of loosing streaks. This will enable us to make many small wagers that will gradually increase my “Ante” token. Please note that this strategy is fined tuned to increase my holdings of Ante in a relatively safe manner and the winnings from a successful bet is less prioritized. We are focusing in the accumulation of Ante which means we would like to maximize our number of bets. We can do this by lowering the bet slider to the left and setting to the number 4, the lowest number we can set the slider. This configuration means that every roll that is over 4 will win giving as an approximate 95% chance of winning.

After setting the bet slider to 4 we make sure that we have the smallest amount of Tron we can wager which in this case is 10 TRX. This configuration gives us 0.368 TRX earnings from each bet. Now some of you might say that it seems to be relatively small amount of TRX compare to what we have wagered (10 TRX) however with this configuration we have 95% chance of winning  on the bets. Of course this is hardly true in any type of online dice game the actual chances is lower.  We just continue to use this configuration to accumulate Ante, that is until we encounter a losing bet.

When we encounter a losing bet we re-configure the settings of the slider. Right after losing in a roll we set the slider to number 50 making our chances of of winning at 49% but rewards now is much higher which will give us a net reward 10.102 TRX of which gives us a chance recovering from the lost of the 10 TRX. If we win on the next bet then we revert back to the previous settings which we put the slider bet back to 4.

We all know that the ideal situation after a lost is to win it back right away using the strategy I have stated above. However, due to the nature of this game, often times we will incur losing streaks. To mitigate this we will us a modified martingale strategy that I have been using in this type of dice games. I have discussed this strategy in great detail on my blog-post in steemit and would discuss a bit more in the following paragraphs.

I call this strategy the 3R4X modified martingale which means 3 repeats and multiply by 4. The strategy starts with establishing a base bet. The base bet in our case is 10 TRX. This bet is relative to the amount of TRX we have. Ideally I would like to set my base bet to the 1000th of my current holdings. Which means in an ideal situation I should have 10,000 TRX in may account when if I plan to play with 10 TRX as my base bet. However, you can still gamble with lower holdings, 100th of your current holding is permissible albeit carries a lot more risk.

Please note that the starting base bet here is 40 Satoshi. In this article we us are using 10 TRX base bet but should follow the same logic.

After setting our base bet (10 TRX) we start wagering. The sequence of betting follows these conditions. Please note that our main aim here is to win back the lost we have incurred following the prior strategy of setting the slider to 4 (95% winning chance). Once we have recovered the lose we revert back to that strategy.

  •  You continuously bet the base bet when you are winning
  • When you encounter a losing bet you bet the same amount you wagered before (10 TRX) up to 3 times only (Thus the name 3R)
  • If you reach 3 losing streaks you modify the next bet (4th bet) to 4 times  (Thus the name 4x) the amount of the base bet which in our case will be 40 TRX.

That is the gist of the strategy but of course there are many variation in the results. Therefore it is up to the player if they will follow the flow or modify his bet depending on the results of the bet. Some example of this situation are as follows:

Condition 11 lose & 1 win –> nothing happened just continue with using base bet.

Condition 2: 2 lose streak & 1 win –> You need to win two consecutive rolls to gain.

Condition 32 lose streak & 2 One win streak nothing happened just continue using base bet.

Condition 4: 2 lose streak, One win and 2 lose streaks –> The player has a choice of initiating 4X on the base bet (earning the the player the same amount TRX as the base bet) or continue  on the 3R4X procedure earning the player nothing but recovering the lost incurred, note, incurred using the 3R4X modified martingale

Extra care should be taken if the we see our base bet increasing as it lowers the number of times we can survive a losing streak. There are times that we should be afraid to take a lost and start again with a lower starting bet. There is also times we should call it a day and not lost all of our holdings with a clearly defined exit strategy. If you want to learn more about my suggested strategy you can read more about it in my prior blog-post. It was written for Freebitcoins but works perfectly well with TRONbets.

As summary please note that I have discussed here two very different strategies that was fused together to maximize Ante token accumulations. The first one maximizes the number of attempts and winning probability per bet while the other gives you more chances of winning back the lost incurred from the first strategy.

That is it for now friends I hope you have found my article valuable. If you have any suggestions, clarifications or criticism about the aforementioned strategy please let me know so that I can gather feedback about the said strategy and make adjustments.

Friendly Reminder: This is gambling and it is more likely that you will lose all your tokens playing this game. Please play with digital assets that you are willing to ALL lose.

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