Justin Sun, CEO of the TRON startup, hinted at an imminent partnership with an unspecified company that would have a “tens of billions of dollars” rating.

The tweet, posted on Friday 12 October, provides very few details:

“Finally, for the first time we will work together with a giant of the industry listed tens of billions of dollars, guess the name.”

His followers immediately tried to give an answer: one of them proposed Alibaba (maybe because Sun studied at the university of Alibaba founder Jack Ma), but as another user pointed out to him: “Alibaba is quoted more 500 billion dollars, more than dozens “.

Among other answers there are Baidu, Clover and, what is for the greater, Disney. At the time of writing this article, none of these names have been confirmed or denied.

It is already the second time in a month that the CEO has talked about himself with his tweets: on October 8, Sun said that, with the next update, the token TRON will beat Ethereum (ETH) in terms of speed and EOS in as for costs. This declaration was enough to raise the value of the asset by 8%.

In September, TRON released further details on the integration with the BitTorrent client, purchased in July for an amount not yet disclosed. According to the latest news, a product called “Project Atlas” will try to integrate TRX into the platform, in order to create a hybrid content sharing ecosystem capable of exploiting cryptocurrency.

At the time of writing this article, the TRX cryptocurrency is the eleventh cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization, with a quote of $ 0.0227, up 1.65% from yesterday’s.

Thanks to all, write me yours comments and judgments, see you soon.

News source: Cointelegraph

Image source: pixabay

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