On 8 October, TRX, which is defined by the parent company TRON as the “decentralized token”, rose almost 8%, following the statement by CEO Justin Sun according to which with its next update it could overcome Ethereum in terms of speed and EOS in terms of costs.

Odyssey 3.1, the latest version of TRON, will be available at 20:00 SGT , confirmed on tweeter.

The object of the changes is also the launch of a TRON Virtual Machine that will allow developers to test their smart contracts before transferring them to the TRON mainnet.

“The TRON Committee and Tron Virtual Machine functions will finally be available, marking the beginning of the era of smart contracts”, continued Sun on Twitter, boldly stating:

“TRON will be 200 times faster than ETH and 100 times cheaper than EOS. Developers and users of dApp, we have thought of you! ”

TRON continues to gain ground as more and more information is discovered on its “Project Atlas”, which involves integrating the network with the BitTorrent platform, acquired in July this year.

Currently TRX is worth 0.02759 $ with a market capitalization of 1 billion and 814 million dollars. If the value of Tron were to resist could be included in the top 10 today, ousting Monero (XRM), since the distance that separates them is “only” of 54 million dollars.

Despite this, TRX has certainly felt the effects of the bearish market of 2018: currently, it is trading at about 0.027 $ per token, compared to the historical maximum of 0.21 $. You can find more information and the chart by following this link https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/tron/ so you can see where it is possible to buy TRON or see all the information related to the cryptocurrency in question and see the charts of how the price or the countervalue in dollars and / or BTC has changed over time since it was launched up to the present day.

What do you think about it? the CEO’s thinking is too optimistic? Is it worth doing a little thought?

I await your comments, thanks and see you next time.

News source: Cointelegraph

Image source: pixabay

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