TronWatch market and coin war coming

as the largest crypto currency, the first fully featured non-central exchange (DEX) TronWatch market is currently working on testnet, new developments are taking place. In the meantime, a new game that is currently in beta stage comes coin war.

TronWatch market and coin war coming

Tron’s first full-featured decentralized exchange will soon be launched and will end the ICO sales, a simple, secure and decentralized service. Tron makes the following statement on the subject:

We want to build one of Tron’s first full-featured decentralized stock markets. Tron allows you to trade easily and safely between trx10 and TRX20 tokens.

Tron is currently working on a testing network where all orders and transactions are verified, populated and executed by smart contracts. A series of boots are actively traded at TronWatch market.

Features of TronWatch market

The user interface has a similar look to other stock markets, which are clean and simple. As for the order, the official blog article contains the following phrases for the subject:

Users can enter orders as limit orders, which makes trading very easy. When you submit an order, TronLink, which is the browser extension for TRON, will inform you for confirmation. Market maker offers are stored out of chain and immediately placed on the market, and market participants are sent directly to the TRON network for trading.

TronWatch market has attracted the attention of the crypto community because it has acquired more than 16.5 million TRX on the SEEDGerminator. Weiss Ratings also announced Tron’s latest developments:

Tron launched Tron’S first full-featured Dex. The demo is currently working on testnet, using smart contracts in all transactions. Most DeX is very cryptic for the average user and is lacking in adoption. We hope Tron makes a difference.

Features of coin war

In the meantime, another new development comes as a second game called Coin war. After the first game, Ola Magic Academy, which aims at the way games, developers and other players interact, this new game aims to predict and finance both. Based on the financial forecast, coin war will only support TRX bets and allow users to easily select the prediction target.

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