HI guys has anyone been playing the trump scam game on eos   


not sure how it is going to work out for me I got myself 101 bonds for 1 eos and one bone was free for getting 100 . You can log in with scatter easy to do the cont down is on think the ame of the game is to be the last one to buy bonds am in the first round just now the timer goes up to a cap of 24 hr it was at 17hr last time I looked did not like that I had to pay for a referral link is it a scam only time will tell lol bit of fun for one eos lets see .

The rules are

How to play TrumpScam.Me


TrumpScam.Me is a decentralized game on EOS network. The developers wrote the smart contract based on EOS technology. Faster transaction and no gas fee. All our code is available to the public to create a fair game play.

Get yourself prepared

– You will need a EOS account and Scatter Chrome Extension to play the game.

– To join the party, click login on the right top of our website: https://trumpscam.me

– Have enough EOS fund to waste.

– Now, you are ready to purchase Trump Bond.

How to Become the Rich

Don’t be a fool and invest in something you don’t know. Learn the every detail of Trump Bond rules first.


– Every round of Trump Bond sale will initiate 24 hours countdown.

– During this period, whenever a player purchase any bond, the countdown will be increased ① , up to a cap of 24 hours.

– Trump Bond sale price will be increased ② base on the amount bonds sold.

– Get yourself a little boost by purchasing over 100 bonds each transaction. Trump will grant you 1 extra bond for very 100 bonds purchased.

– When it countdowns to 0. This round ends. All EOS in the pot will be distributed. (See Trump’s tricks for distribution details)

– After one round ended, there will be a 12 hours cool down between two rounds.

To complicated? Just learn the tricks from Mr. Trump:

– Be the Last, be the Best:

Whoever brought the last Trump Bond will be THE RICH. You know what I mean, The Rich.

That will be a hell chunk of money.

The lucky dog alone will get 17% of total EOS.

– Join the Elite Club:

You need to be the Elite so that you can join the rich party.

Be the last 15% bond buyer and split the 50% of total EOS.

– Foreseeing the future and make the Move:

You need to sense the business opportunities. Whenever you found one, you need to make the move.

The earlier stage you got in the higher return you will get.

Whenever a bond is purchased, 20% of the EOS will become the dividend to all existing Trump Bond holders.

– Have a lot rich ass friends:

Hardworking folks work their ass to earn the living; smart people let others work for them.

Referral as many fools as you can. Start your own blood sweat factory right now. Trump will pay you a small cut for that!

When your referral friend purchases bond, 5% of the cost will be paid to you.

– Join the Trump Think Tank:

Knowledge is the power, knowledge is the wealth.

If you have crazy smart business model, if you know the cutting edge technology, join Trump Think Tank.

Let’s develop more SCAM business.

The 8% of total EOS will be used by Trump Think Tank(development team) to spend on purchasing EOS (RAM,CPU, and NET), DDOS cost, marketing and future development.


Show your love to Trump

Everytime you purchase one or more bond, you will have the chance to say something to Mr. Trump. Let’s show our love to the beloving President for bringing this extraordinary magnanimous bond. The latest comment will be shown on the front page of our website.

If you don’t give a sh*t to Trump Bond, just treat this as a message board.

Keep earning into your pocket.

Finally, with the help of the great mind, you become the rich people. It is time to reclaim all your earning into you pocket.

On the bottom left side, here is your vault tag. All your earnings are locked up and safely kept here (EOS smart contract) from any other greedy hands. You will be able to review how much you have earned from all different sources. Whenever you are ready, click withdraw button and confirm on Scatter. Wala, welcome to the rich club.

You are so so welcome. See you on the yacht.

Level Bond Sold 0.0100 Time Added per Bond

1 1600000 0.0162 30.00

2 4800000 0.0262 18.54

3 9600000 0.0424 11.46

4 19200000 0.0685 7.08

5 38400000 0.1109 4.38

6 76800000 0.1794 2.70

7 153600000 0.2903 1.67

8 307200000 0.2903 1.03

… Over 0.2903 1.03

have fun https://trumpscam.me?ref=0x14



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