If you are new to Cryptocurrencies and doesn’t really understand how all the gimmicks works. This post is for you.

Cryptos can be hard to digest for less knowledgeable. Although, once you get the hang of it, things gets better and better. You need to be constantly paying attention to your portfolio. It’s not just buying and selling, it takes more than that. But with so much innovation coming our way, things are getting better and needs less attention and time than before. One such service is;


TRUSTY.FUND is a smart wallet specifically designed for the less-crypto-educated. It is based on the BitShares Blockchain and completely open source. You or anyone can check the trading rules and conditions or audit the code and see if it’s worth your money to put in. If you wish to do so, head to: https://www.github.com/TrustyFund

Since, TRUSTY is based on the BitShares Blockchain, you will be sole owner to have access to your account and no one else. Your keys are meant to be kept safe and are the only way to access your Funds.

How TO Use

The process is fairly simple, just pick up your Mobile Phone and go to TRUSTY.FUND, Click on the sign up, choose your PIN CODE and you are inside. Now backup your wallet Private Key and PIN CODE. Go to deposit and transfer some BTS or any other coins from your BitShares wallet or any other Exchanges you are using.

Now customize your settings and start playing.

How is TRUSTY.FUND Different?

Trusty makes your investment decision easy and your trading experience smooth. The system is designed as such that even less Crypto educated can invest and build their portfolio. Unlike exchanges, Trusty let’s you deposit FIAT currencies via third party gateways and within a mater of few clicks you can distribute and build your portfolio without buying each coin separately.

There are certain balancing tools that manages your Portfolio. You can even copy someone else Trading strategy, a Fund Manager or a Pro-Trader already listed. Also, just like BitShares your wallet can not be taken down by regulatory authorities or hackers.

You can also manually restructure your portfolio and set up certain percentages and the orders will be executed accordingly. If you are a risk averse investor, you can index the top 5 to 10 currencies and only invest in that. All in all, pretty much cool features in place to play with.

TRUSTY.FUND Is Mobile only

Please note that TRUSTY.FUND can only be used on your Mobile Phones for now. The team is solely focused on the Mobile version of Trusty and as of now there are no plans for the Desktop Users.


The same market fee’s are applicable as on the BitShares or OpenLedger DEX. There’s no increase or decrease. However, TRUSTY makes it mandatory for every user to invest a bare minimum of 1.4% of the portfolio value in TRUSTY tokens.

It’s a fairly simple platform, nothing much to talk about. I think there’s never been a user friendly way to manage a crypto portfolio while maintaining the highest efficiency.

Please remember that if you have a Trusty account, you can login with the same username on OpenLedger or BitShares and other BitShares based DEX.

Sources and Credits: https://trusty.fund/

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