TRUTH – SPIRITUALITY – LIFE – & The BLOCKCHAIN; (a Guide to ‘Bliss’ and Contentedness) In’Lakech:Namaste

LIFE, the 3 big questions we ask ourselves as we begin our journey of experiencing from Earth, have everything to do with whether or not we get the privilege of having the Well Examined Life that Socrates spoke of, for the “Unexamined life is not worth living.”  Even Blockchain can not change that fact.

But what are these 3 big questions I’m talking of, and how can a person apply their lessons to attain Bliss, or Nirvana at the center of the Samsarah (peace in the center of the storm of life).  Well they all are asking “What is TRUTH?” and most of us never answer all 3 of them, especially not with much detail.  These questions in order of asking them from birth are:

 1. Where the [email protected]AM-I ?
2. What the Hell AM-I ?
3. What the Heck AM-I suppose to be doing here?

Its too bad that Society (and parents) push us so quickly into the wrong direction to answer these questions, because most of us get the first one wrong,,,,, and if you answer the first one wrong, odds go up you get the next two wrong also.  So lets examine these questions and then see how Blockchain applies to all of this mumbo jumbo.

We all pop out of the womb (or c-section) into a DRY, BRIGHT and COLD world where we can’t interpret what we see and the noises and textures seem much more harsh than where we were just a few short minutes ago.  Of course the first thoughts are going to be “where am I and what the heck is going on”.  From this point on the baby grows and explores the world outside of him, not even knowing there is an inside or outside of him, no he only knows “I-AM experiencing something” and he is desperately trying to understand it so that he can get his physical needs of food and diaper changes met.  But before long, he finds something in his mouth,,, but he can feel that other thing and not just his mouth,,,, and he looks down and sees an arm with a fist shoved in his mouth.  Hmm, he say,,, that part seems to be “me”, and I must be part of the thing in my mouth.  Of course he’s not thinking the words “mouth” or any language per say, this is knowledge on a “physical level” that he is acquiring.

This leads to the second question, even though the first question is not fully answered yet.  And once again the cards are stacked against us in understanding the TRUTH of this question also.  So as we grow and go to school they teach us that we are our bodies and that our brains is where consciousness happens,,, after all it sure feels like consciousness is sitting behind one’s eye balls. (actual educational material below)

But this would all be an overly simple and dismissive perspective, as opposed to a deep analysis of the question.  The kind of simple analysis that leads to docile workers easily manipulated by a “Token Economy” (Pavlovian Monetary System of today) that allows people to wrongly pursue goals that can never lead to their contentedness, fulfillment or even to their bliss. One who believes they are their BODY or their MEMORIES and EXPERIENCES has been duped by the powers that be that would seek to control every man woman and child on Earth.

Then, with out even a chance to analyse the first two questions with any thoroughness, parents, relatives and the school system start asking you; “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?”   Give me a break, how are they suppose to answer that question when the first two questions are not answered?  HOWEVER, John Lennon answered his teacher, when she asked this question, “I WANT TO BE ‘happy’” and the teacher quickly said he didn’t understand the question…..  SCHITE !!!! the moronic teacher didn’t understand the freeking question.  ROTFLMAO

LIFE (answering the 3 questions)
Well, its really almost impossible to get the first question right unless you have answered the second question correctly beforehand. So what are we if we are NOT our BODIES and MEMORIES ?  Well, if you look at it from a perspective of What Is Provable then we find that we are “The Experiencer”, we are what is “Conscious”, we are what is “Having an Experience”, we are “THE ACT OF CONSCIOUSNESS”.  That is the ONLY THING in reality that is “PROVABLE”, for we have all experienced dreams that “seem real”, we could all just be dreaming, or we could be in a MATRIX like Elon Musk thinks is likely.  You just can NEVER prove that WHAT YOU ARE EXPERIENCING is “TRUTH”,,,, but you can declare as “TRUTH” that you are the EXPERIENCER,,,, whoever or whatever that is (to be addressed later).

Having answered question 2, we can now move on to question 1.  We all got question 1 wrong, before we could know much to rationalize anything of any accuracy we were being brainwashed that “You Live on EARTH”,,, and its in a Universe of Galaxies.  Of course that is what we all thought/think,,,, right?  Well quantum physics over 100 years ago showed that “MATTER” (or “Physical Reality”) only exists as such when there is some kind of “INTERACTION”, where two things have to “BE AWARE” of their influence on each other so that they stop being a “WAVE” (function of possibility) and turn into PARTICLES of PHYSICAL REALITY.  Here is a Great Video to watch and learn, its the DUAL SLIT EXPERIMENT:

So to conclude on this question, the “Physical Reality” we hold so dear as TRUTH, only exists and has only ever been EXPERIENCED inside of a CONSCIOUS OBSERVER.  Repeat:  The PHYSICAL only exists inside the NON-PHYSICAL.   In other words the SOURCE of the PHYSICAL is the NON-PHYSICAL.  Well way back in the day there was this guy Descartes who wrote about DUALISM, that the realm of Science was the PHYSICAL and that realm of SPIRITUALITY was the NON-PHYSICAL.  Well here you have it,,, Proof that the SPIRITUAL is the SOURCE of the PHYSICAL.  By “Spiritual” I mean your “CONSCIOUSNESS” that is NON-PHYSICAL and can not be pointed to.  It doesn’t even have any bounds,,, just shut your eyes and tell me where the “edge” of you MIND lays,,, where does your “imagination” end ?????   Its INFINITE.  So we have 2 basically done:

1.  (2.) – “I-AM” the ONE Act of Consciousness that is present in all PHYSICAL things and is the SOURCE of the creation of those things from POSSIBILITY into a PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE.
2. (1.) –  “I-AM” not in the physical universe, NO NO NO, the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE is INSIDE of ME – and my PERCEPTION and BELIEFS about it changes the way I experience that PHYSICAL UNIVERSE.

This “CONSCIOUSNESS” thing that say “I-AM” inside our MINDS has been talked about for centuries in the so called BOOKS of WISDOM that have been passed down the ages.  If you understand that the “ONE ACT of CONSCIOUSNESS” is having the experience of “YOU”,,, then you are a BUDDHA,,, that is what BUDDHA CONSCIOUSNESS is,, the Consciousness that engulfs all things in reality, because there is no “you”,, that is only illusion, there is only BUDDHA.  And if you think Christianity and Muslim and Jews are crazy (all believing in the Bible) even the GOD of the Bible said: Tell Them “I-AM that, I-AM” Sent You. (Exodus – God’s name for himself).  Of course Hinduism is all about Psychological Forces that take place in this Realm of Consciousness and how they interfere and affect our “physical experiences”.

You see, ALL the GREAT TEACHINGS throughout time have been trying to teach us these facts, but MEN and CULTURES and OTHER forces that would seek to CONTROL MEN and all else on the planet strive very hard to keep the confusion at a peak, as confusion and fear make people want to hand over their authority to those that would lie about being able to provide safety.

“Those who would trad FREEDOM for SECURITY deserve NEITHER!” – Benjamin Franklin

So, knowing all this now,,,,, WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSE TO BE DOING HERE?

Well if you got a chance to read the article on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, then you’ll see the thing to do is to Self Actualize.  What does that mean? It means that you don’t worry about your physical situations or external influences and motivators,,, you just look at the problems that exists and you solve them.  If the world needs MUSIC, you play music, if a child needs food, you feed him,,,,, IF YOU NEED TO KILL THE BANKSTERS AND CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS you build groundbreaking BLOCKCHAIN projects the replace the old system with something better and make that old one obsolete (I love Bucky!).

That’s it folks, understand the TRUTH of who and what you are and get busy changing the world for the better in any way you know how,,, and since your here on TRYBE, that is very likely something in the Blockchain Space !!!!!

PURA VIDA to you all !

= “i see another i-am in you”

= “i see the God in you that resides in me too”


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  1. Adil Elias

    You always take us to some deep dives, and sometimes the dives are internal. You have a follower right here.

    That’s an interesting way to draw connections with the blockchain in that sense. I’ve never thought about that before. But you’re right, whenever the basics are covered thus helping the mind hedge against primal instincts of flight or fight… That would play a major role in providing the tools for self-actualization.

    Anyways, that’s an excellent article and I’m gonna shut up before I write a overly long comment, that’s how much I enjoyed your post. 🙂

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      It would seem, but really the TRUTH sets you free, its the realization that one has been living in the LIE that hurts so much,,,, sometimes so much so that people go into cognitive dissonance to avoid facing it.

  2. Justin

    Very well written. I enjoyed your use of videos as well to expand on ideas. A great dip into Universal Consciousness or as I call it the Odinic Consciousness. I look forward to hearing more and would love to discuss some of my ideas with you sometime.

  3. Infosion

    You really made the point clear and explained it very nice that every physcial thing can´t exist without non-physical. I really didn´t saw it THAT way so far. The consequences are indeed really mind blowing if you thin about it a little bit! I knew a lot of what you were writing here but you put it in a really nice new way all together. Thanks!