I love Trybe. I think it is one of the most, if not the most useful application harnessing the EOS network and has massive potential to be one of the major players on the crypto stage in the coming years. Although I do love the work of the team at Trybe I have had the opportunity to observe some issues and potential improvements that I personally would like to see on the platform.

Firstly, the major issue with Trybe at the moment is the website feels extremely “clunky” and is slow to respond and load on both mobile, tablet and PC along with some issues with the Blog Post editor such as when you enter a character and then delete it, it continues to flash like a cursor. All of these problems are forgivable and are truly growing pains for the platform as it is without a doubt still in its very early infancy and I believe all of these issues will be fixed in the coming months.

Also I am currently unaware of a mobile app being developed for Trybe but I am hoping that it is on its way as I think once that is released there will be a significant rise in adoption which will increase the value of the platform. The effect will be similar to the increase in adoption that facebook saw when it released its mobile app.

Another very interesting idea is that Trybe could implement a feature that has everybody’s location on a map(if the user desires this feature to be activated) and users can see whereabouts the people, who are communicating with them through the platform, reside on the planet. This will be extremely interesting if a means to verify location could be verified absolutely which can allow for custom closed groups including only people located in a specific verified location. The initial idea of implementing a live world map into Trybe I first heard from a user on Trybe known as “Zeus69”, feel free to check out some of his stuff!

As I said at the top of the article, I love Trybe, its great and getting better. I’m hoping some of the team would be able to give some of these ideas some thought.

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  1. Zeus69

    Hey Jackson, Great ideas, and I do agree with your post regarding the TRYBE app being a bit clunky at the moment, I do believe that they are working very hard to improve this app on a daily basis, Thumbs up to the TRYBE team, 🙂
    Thanks for mentioning my name, yeah it would be a great idea to have geo-located members, and we could also possibly see pie charts of how many members per country there, are bar charts of member per country, or continent, etc etc, the options are endless.
    Regards, and special day for you.
    Mark (Zeus69)