Over the next 12 months, we will be conducting 12 airdrops. On the 11th of each month starting on December the 11th, we will be airdropping tokens to your EOS account based on how many tokens you already hold.

It doesn’t matter where your tokens are, we will be airdropping to you as a way to reward those who have supported our journey and contributed to the ecosystem!

Your tokens can be:

  • In your EOS account already
  • On our website in your account balance (you must have your EOS account name entered in your profile)
  • Purchased from our pre-sale contract (Buy now from our presale here: wallet.wordpress-232441-710587.cloudwaysapps.com)

The total amount of TRYBE you receive during each airdrop will be determined by how many you already hold. If you hold 1% of all the TRYBE in circulation, then you will receive 1% of the airdropped amount!

To make this fair, we are not going to include the official Trybe accounts, founders accounts, or employee accounts in the airdrops. Only people who have purchased TRYBE on exchanges, from our pre-sale, or who have earned on our website will be eligible.

To be eligible for each airdrop after the 11th of December, you will be required to stake your tokens for at least 25 days before the airdrop. This staking feature will be available in our wallet. Pre-sale tokens and tokens on our website are already considered staked.

Here are the airdrop dates and quantities:

11th December

10M tokens distributed amongst all TRYBE holders proportionately.

11th January – 11th November (one each month)

5M tokens will be distributed each month amongst all TRYBE holders proportionately.

Plus, an extra 1M tokens will be distributed to the top 50 token holders in that month (proportionately based on their balance).

On top of that, a further 1M tokens will be distributed to the top 10 token holders in that month!

Note: If you are in the top 10 token holders each month, you will receive all 3 airdrops for that month!


Other competitions and giveaways:

15th November – Content Competition

On the 15th November we are rewarding 80,000 TRYBE tokens to the winners of our content competition. See details here: https://trybe.one/new-post-creation-competition-win-80000-trybe/

30th November – Contributor bonus

On the 30th November we will be airdropping 1M TRYBE tokens to everyone who has more than 500 TRYBE on our website (you must have your EOS account added to your profile). The amount you receive will be proportionate to your balance. This is to reward all our content creators and people who invite their friends to Trybe.one – so start earning now!


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  1. Jake McCormick

    This model will outperform old ICO Models 12 fold, it will encourage long term users rather than euphoric people using it for a day or 2. Hats off to the team at trybe for utilising game theroy to expand their reach.

  2. Ilia

    Tom thank you for the good news! TRYBE, became my favorite project. You really have done a great job and the project is thriving! I am sure that airdrop will attract even more attention to the project and become a catalyst for even faster development TRYBE!

  3. Matthias

    @info, I would personally give out the extra tokens to the top gainers for each month rather than the top holders, to further incentivize posting and contribution to the platform, rather than making existing whales even bigger.

  4. Cryptotexty

    If I didn’t receive airdrop – do I need to do something? Or just wait?

    I have tokens here on site and 1 token on account. Also I have 13 tokens in another account but it seems I didn’t receive anything

  5. Jungle Onion

    That’s awesome! I’m new to trybe but I couldn’t link an EOS account because I’m having trouble creating one. Is such a complicated process, the only exchange I was able to withdraw 1 EOS was from cryptopia and it’s still being “processed” even after one entire day of withdrawing the EOS needed to make an account. Can I still link my account later, once I create it?

    1. Gen

      Have you watched some videos on how to activate you EOS? Best option is Scatter. Watch the videos on how to claim your EOS. You will need you EOS private key you got when you registered your EOS.