As many of you may know I monitor the Trybe social accounts quite regularly and I thought I would give you all a list of some of the frequently asked questions to put some of your minds at rest maybe.

Some of these questions I get on a daily basis, and some are just random questions that people might be interested in.

This post was written on 7th November 2018, and some questions might be time sensitive.

  • Question: What’s happening with the airdrops?
  • Answer: We have many airdrops and even competitions on so you might want to check out the news feed for the updated information however right now if you check out the Airdrops post it will give you all the details you need.
  • Question: Why is “Add graphical error here” happening right now?
  • Answer: When we had issues with the server we have to do lots to fix the problems however if you haven’t used the site since then you might want to try deleting you’re cache. Here is a guide to help you do this on the Chrome browser.
  • Question: How do I withdraw my tokens?
  • Answer: This feature should be available before the December 11th Airdrop, our development team is working hard at getting the wallet thoroughly tested and running.
  • Question: I haven’t received my email for signing up what do I do now?
  • Answer: Please check the spam box in the emails. Sometimes it goes there.
  • Question: Can I suggest an idea?
  • Answer: Sure you can! Our site thrives from the community interaction, and many peoples ideas have already been implemented. Please go to Discord or Telegram and post the suggestion in the suggestion room and I will make sure it gets to the Development team.
  • Question: My post has disappeared from “In Review”, but it’s not published?
  • Answer: Please check the drafts section as there may have been an issue with the post. The editor will have written a short message to help you fix the problem.
  • Question: Why is my post not showing on the news feed?
  • Answer: The post you submitted may be marked as uncategorised. Please see an editor about this either in Discord or Telegram. If you want your posts to be seen, please put them in the categories that the post meets.
  • Question: Why does my post not have a ranking system on it?
  • Answer: The post might have been put into the personal category. If it is a personal blog or post, then it will not be monetised. However, you may have clicked personal by accident and if this is the case, please see and editor.
  • Question: If I edit my post will it cost me the 50 Trybe to resubmit?
  • Answer: Yes it will. Doing this was put into place to stop spamming our editors and to help good content be put forward on the site.

I am sure there are more questions that I get asked on a daily basis and feel free to add your own in the comments so people can take a look.

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