Trybe is proud to announce our partnership with TokenPocket!

TokenPocket, (  is a full featured mobile EOS wallet for both iOS and Android which includes all the necessary staking functions, account creation, built in ram trading and charts, visual token representation, voting tools, and EOS’s finest DApp store with thousands of users are using it’s DApps every day.


It also has wallet functionalities for MOAC/Ethereum/ENU and Jigntum blockchains. Simply import your private key and give your account a local password and all your assets will be displayed and ready to transfer. TokenPocket is the first digital wallet that supports Scatter, which allows you to interact with many of the popular DApps and more dapps are being integrated every day. In fact TokenPocket has now integrated Trybe Pre-Sale directly into their trusted EOS wallet!!


Want to play DApps on your phone on the go? They are all in TokenPocket. We have lists on DApp Store, and categories to make it easy to discover the DApps you need and to learn more about the similar products to the  DApps you already love to use. We will deliver new games and DApps to you and recommend specific DApps to you that can’t be missed.

We look forward to working together with TokenPocket and have some cool ideas cooking up behind the scenes. So get ready for more collaborations and promotions between Trybe and TokenPocket!!

Please visit TokenPocket at:


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