Trybe is a new tokenized knowledge sharing economy that intends to create a platform of decentralized intelligence having zero tolerance for plagiarism. Well, trybe is not yet at the level of having a billion dollar market cap. But ever since the inception, the team has shown a great deal of commitment which has the tendency of driving a pool of future investors towards its direction. Click here to read a great comparison between TRYBE pre-sale versus casino dividends written by one of trybe’s prolific writers “Infosion”.

   Today, I skewed down some unique features why I think Trybe is second to none as a knowledge sharing platform.

1. TRUE DECENTRALIZATION: decentralization is the paramount reason for the existence of the blockchain network. Decentralization is demonstrated in the Trybe community through the abolishment of whale from the platform to the bear-rest minimum. Taking you down memory lane, Tybe members are ranked by the number of off-chain token they hold in their wallet. I previously wrote an article on trybe’s rating system, you can find the article here. Any member who is ranked “Tybe apprentice” (having up to 10k TRYBE) can give up to 200 TRYBE for a 5 star rating on an article. On like other knowledge sharing platform where you can buy your  rank with money  and decides which direction all the votes go to, Trybe is quite discrepant and you cannot deposit token to your account to boost your rank. You have to earn your rank by rolling out quality posts and being active on the platform.

2. FRIENDLY USER INTERFACE: the UI is user friendly and easily navigated that even a 5 year old can find He’s way around the platform. Simplicity is one of the keys to mass adoption of a project. Newbies on trybe easily gets acquainted to the platform after a couple of visits. I started blogging on trybe immediately after signing up. compared to other platforms were you will have to consult experts and youtube videos in order to come to grip with the website.

3. SIGN UP PROCESS IS HASSLE FREE: the process of creating an account with trybe is as clear as the blue sky and as straight forward as EMMINEM without steroids. It only takes a couple of steps and you are done. Compared to platforms like whaleshares where you’ll have to go through a lot of brainstorming and  tweaking a chunk of codes before setting up an account. The very first time I tried creating an account with whaleshare was as difficult as the Mexicans trying to cross the US Walls.

4. EFFECTIVE USER SUPPORT: this is the part I love most about trybe. Support are always on standby on a 24/7 basis to attend to your complaint without having to create a support ticket. Kudos to Johan, Martin, and Big mike for making this possible.

5. SOLID BACKGROUND TEAM: if you move a step backwards and take a snapshot of trybe website a month ago and compare it with what it looks like today, you will discover a milestone difference. This goes a long way in showing great commitment in the team. Plus the recently rolled out portfolio tracker. In addition to the portfolio tracker, trybe is currently working on a web app and a mobile app which will be rolled out couple of months from now.

6. GOOD TRAFFIC AND USER BASE: Trybe is undoubtedly still in infant stage and cannot be compared with other platforms like steemit, Medium and the likes which has been around for quite some time. Trybe is less than 4 months and already has more than  12 thousand signed up users and a daily visitors of 5000 users. Going by this statistics, you can phantom were it will be a couple of months from now. If we decide to draw an equity curve for this statistics, i think the curve will head straight to Mars.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comment section.

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  1. MineYourMind

    I really like Trybe, but it isn’t Decentralized.

    I recently reported a plagiarist Sheik Sharif(sp?) through the chat and Staff reacted rightfully by deleting 4 of this user’s posts.

    The problem is that the community was not utilized to address this issue. Staff did this all on their own. There is no way for the community to deal with this issue other than reporting them to a Central Authority.

    Sure, we can negative rate and leave a comment, which I did, but no one else but me knows of the infraction, so other user’s continue to interact with this user and postive rate his articles, because 1. They don’t check the author’s sources 2. There is no communication to out a user to the platform and finally no feature or communication about how do deal with such issue’s.

    This is my only issue with the claims in your post and I love the platform, but have noticed that the majority of people just take a platform’s word for being Decentralized without actually skeptically checking and analyzing the claim. Blockchain hasn’t truly brought us a Decentralized Platform yet and we need to use this label cautiously, rather than liberally, which is most common.

  2. firedream

    I like the enthusiasm in your post so I will just skip to criticize the points like decentralization 😉
    What you said rest, I agree 100%.
    In addition,the climate that is formed here, on discord or telegram is really beautiful.
    Nice post @sullexbee!

  3. AD

    Well written, my friend. I also love the fact that members of the Trybe community can’t buy votes. They have to climb their way up which means they have to stay active and interactive!
    I recommended the article and voted. *****

  4. Rezoanul Vibes

    I love interactive of Trybe. A very supportive community that makes this platform great. I am on different platforms like Scorum, Steemit, Whaleshares, and Weku. What I see here on Trybe is that a new user can do better than any other platforms out there if he/she makes quality content.

    Thank you @sullexbee for sharing this.