Dear Trybers,

Over the last few weeks we have been thinking a lot about what it is that we want to offer here at Trybe.

There are many social network platforms out there, but we aim to be something else. Trybe provides a way to reward people who create EDUCATIONAL or INFORMATIVE content about topics that might be of interest to our community.

If you want to create a personal piece, that is probably just of interest to your friends and maybe followers, then you can always use your Trybe social wall (just like any other social network). In fact, in the next few weeks we will be releasing the next version of our platform that has a much improved version of our wall – and a real time social feed.

On your wall – you can post anything you like, because then it’s up to other people whether they follow you or not. However – these posts are not tokenized.

While we do believe they are of value to yourself and your friends, they are not posts which give value to the TRYBE token overall. The type of content that we do wish to tokenize is STRICTLY educational or informative content – something which we believe is of value to the overall community.

Our editing team is going to be a bit stricter in applying this definition from now on, and we hope you can understand why.

So please – if you are creating posts that you hope to earn tokens from, make sure they are filled with useful information or education that will benefit everyone.

We believe that everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn. Share with our community your most important lessons in life, and everyone will be better off!

Thanks again for being part of Trybe!


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  1. Maelstrohm Black

    I agree wholeheartedly, I had enough of goddamn food pics showing up on every platform and getting upvoted over REAL quality content…
    I am returning slowly after an on and off relationship with Trybe, but have always felt this platform was destined for great things… Heck, EOS is no small affair, even though there were MANY complications and disappointed people about some aspects of EOS since its launch, hence the creation of the TELOS fork, but still, I strongly feel EOS is going to be at the forefront of the smart contract enabled blockchains in the near future and over the coming years…
    BTW, when will the platform tokens be unlocked? You already have implemented Scatter sync, so why aren’t the tokens dynamic yet?

  2. Dwiitavita

    Creating good content for everyone is something that is built not instantly except by people who are good at writing before, and trybe is a cool platform that can provide space for all those who want to work here by providing interesting, education and information. .. But not everyone can make good content according to the trybe standard. Can you propose to give rewards also to every trybe user who might only be able to give votes to other posts. Maybe can be the pump for everyone learn making good content here, at least appreciating their activity on trybe.

    giving free feed space for small talk like other social media, a good idea too. it’s like a chat room for everyone to socialize.

  3. Sa4van

    Agree with this absolutely, if we want to educate as a platform, the content quality needs to be top notch. The competitions on different cryptos that we’ve had/have is a great start. Perhaps bounties on more specific topics could be advertised on your job board and only the best be published? Just a thought. Maybe even setting up teams that are headed up by the best performers in each category to recruit writers and curate talent that way. Also, you guys need to set up an Instagram account, missing out on a vital channel there.