Hi guys! There is so much going on with crypto, EOS and Trybe right now, that it is hard for anyone, including myself to keep up with everything. I am trying to do regular (at least monthly) updates on the current status of Trybe!


Let’s start with the statistics



Registered users absolutely exploded in August and September. Keep in mind that since Trybe has only one account per IP address at this point, these are legit users. One many other platforms you can have multiple users. For example, people own several hundred accounts on Steemit for different purposes.

All ready after only 4 days into October we have about 500 new registered users. If this continues we will have another month of 5000 or so new users. Of the total of about 10,000 members, around 4000 are visiting the site daily and they scroll through 3,57 pages on average.



Now, as someone pointed out in this post there is few people posting relative to the amount of accounts registered. Why is this? The main reason is the editorial process. Other platforms don’t fight spam, in fact, they often even encourage it. What often happens with these kind of sites is that no one bothers using them for information and they end up as gigantic spam garbage fills. Trybe is doing a different approach and to ensure quality over quantity there will of course be fewer posts. But keep in mind that articles/posts is not the only way to use the platform. People get rewarded for logging in, for upvoting and for commenting. And soon there will be staking opportunities, renting out sub domains and many more incentives to use the site.

Also keep in mind that quite a lot of FUD was spread after the airdrop, and the site was slow for weeks which drove away some potential users (they will come back)

But, where are the Trybians located?


We have a very diverse crowd, and we have a lot of Americans and South Koreans. We are well represented in Europe and Australia, as well as Hong Kong and the Scandinavian countries.


Battling Spam

This is of course a hurdle for the editors, but one of the most important feats of Trybe. The editorial team has some very unique methods of weeding out spammers. Almost no spam get’s through the Trybe “protective shield” and if it does, the community takes care of it. Bad posts are often caught by the community and downvoted into oblivion. So you will LOSE tokens when you spam post. Also, you will now get three warnings. If you post pure spam (like one sentence and a referral link) you will first get a pleasant “please provide some more info” in the editors note. Then if you continue to abuse the platform, you will get two warnings. After that, the post WILL be published and then TRASHED immediately. Since it cost 50 tokens to publish, you will then lose 50 tokens and your post is gone.


New Messaging System Implemented

You have perhaps all ready noticed this? I think it worked like a charm, and it is intuitive and has a good UI. Telegram is now not needed anymore! Trybe just threw a death punch at Telegram as a side note. 😉




Posting Rules

Now, even if the team is battling spam, what they is more pre-occupied with is teaching people how the platform works.

We are not out to punish or rule, we are out to teach and help people learn. 

– Big Mike

And as a content creator myself, I do realise how difficult it is sometimes to balance copying and plagiarism and unique content. Sometimes it’s hard to really put it in a different way. Some things are just facts, and it so tedious to re arrange words just to make it unique. But if you ever find yourself in that situation, at least make sure you use quotas and links to the original content. And write a little “note” with your own thoughts. Try to make it as unique as possible, and always add at least one “commentary” paragraph where you sum things up. You ARE allowed to paraphrase things and use quotes – that is completely legal. But it needs to be exactly that, and not just a rip off. Your thoughts have to be yours. Facts and statements can be quoted.

AND, don’t worry, you won’t be receiving any warnings because you have forgotten to quote something. But you WILL receive a friendly request of making the post more personal. Real people trying to create articles will not receive threats of losing 50 tokens. And if you feel like you have been mistreated unfairly, don’t hesitate to contact the team! The team is there for you guys.

Also, for the time being (this can change in the future) posts that are eligible for tokenised rewards are; crypto, blockchain, business, tech and entrepreneurial related articles. This includes even things like your personal story in crypto, so be creative. Everything else goes in uncategorised or personal which are NOT eligible for rewards at the time being. But it might be in the future, so it’s not a waste of time, plus, any good article posted on the platform helps the platform grow anyway, so if you post one article about crypto and one about growing a garden, well..that garden-post might not earn you any tokens right away, but it might direct some people to your crypto-post, as well as maybe becoming eligible for rewards at a later stage.



I have to give a lot of props to the community. What a great crowd. So many great ideas and suggestions. I haven’t met ONE unfriendly person on Trybe yet. Soon 1000 people in the Telegram, and way over 200 in the Discord. INCREDIBLE community 🙂 Also, there are some big projects joining and blogging as you can see, as well as more and more influencers as well.



Right now each token is trading at 0,00329EOS which is 0,018USD. Max supply is 2B TRYBE, and Total Supply is 1B TRYBE. Circulating is around 10M, as most of the 450M tokens issued is either staked or not yet released. So no matter how you calculate this, the market capitalisation is not way up there like many other new projects. And this project is all ready a fully functional project with a LOT of features coming up.


Moving Forward

Pre sale starting soon

100m tokens at USD 0,01 and anyone can participate. Please read more about it here 

Advertising available soon

The advertising portal is well ahead of schedule. The ad portal means you will be able to advertise on Trybe.one. Ads will take form of sponsored stories on the top of each page and the bottom of each post. Ads are paid for in TRYBE tokens. More here

Soon Wallet

A on-site wallet that will link your EOS account using Scatter. More info here

And that’s it I guess. That is the current state of TRYBE.

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  1. sandwichbill

    Thanks, I’m optimistic about Trybe and the direction it is going in, because I don’t want Trybe to end up like Steem, or even Whaleshares. Both function according to the size of the user’s investment, rather than the quality of their content.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Yup. My hopes are that they will focus on the balance between giving people rewards for good content, some power/influence and making sure content creators stay. Thats the important thing. We need trybe to be the go-to place for high quality crypto/blockchain (and eventually other topics) content. And for that to happen we must incentivise good content creators to stay. Im sure there will be hurdles and difficulties, but together we can hopefully build a better system than the current ones.

  2. SugarFix

    We need to start approaching projects to sign up. A good start would be to link up with the BPs. If they post on Steemit or Telegram jump in their discord Channel and immediately encourage them to post on Trybe. It was only luck that I was annoying people in eosDAC when they were making up some press release. Trybe possibly have a separate section which only holds posts directly from the BPs themselves? Same for dAPPs on EOS. From the makers themselves only?

    This way you actually function as a knowledge repository for EOS.

    1. Tom Norwood | Trybe

      Nice idea Sugarfix. We are slowly working with the BPs to bring them over but they’re a bit set in their ways (Medium, Steemit). But as Trybe grows I’m sure they’ll want to be on here more. Having a dedicated channel for official news is not a bad idea at all 🙂

  3. Adil Elias

    Great update @eosmastering Quality over quantity is certainly something that will not only make the platform stand out but will make it grow organically with true followers that are passionate and engaged.

    Which makes the second point that you mentioned even more important, that people can earn reward by commenting, voting and engaging with the community.

    If I may one little thought… Maybe when big influencers start to come it could be useful to have some gamified reward system where they can reward the most engaged followers (some of those followers may even follow them from previous platforms like YouTube..etc)

    Youtubers for example are known for rewarding their audience via give-aways.. So maybe in the future some sort of customized reward system for influencers where they can allocate part of their earned tokens to the most engaged comments could help increase engagement without the users having to post content themselves.

    Anyways, that was a very long 2 cents haha. Sorry for that!

    P.S: You have an awesome style to deliver updates. When you read it, it feels personal and not some kind of cold piece of news that sounds like a bureaucratic paper haha.

    That’s a great touch!

  4. Yanika

    For me all Eosmastering articles go right away into a bookmark folder.
    It is not just the info shared with us, but the way of writing, the style.
    Quoting: “And this project is all ready a fully functional project with a LOT of features coming up.”
    I am just curious about the features coming up. I have some clues, but lets see.