While in the rush to collect Trybe tokens one may lose focus on why we write and why readers read. I wrote this post, more as a reminder to myself than anything else!

What and How you write?

It is very easy to get caught writing something and then just putting it out there. Life gets in the way of quality. I am guilty of this myself. I do press publish one second too early. This is not good, not to me and neither to the reader.

Good writing Etiquette is about delivering value to the reader in the most concise and efficient manner.

The interests of the reader need to be protected. The reader can be either a seasoned crypto investor or someone new to the game of cryptocurrencies. Go a step further and tell your reader about the risks, or link to articles which do highlight the risk.

Reminding oneself of the key concepts of good writing can only improve the writing.

Help your readers comment on your articles. Prompt them with questions.

Communication with others?

“Treat others like you want to be treated”

If someone comments on your articles, likes your article, adds you as a friend or follows you have several ways to thank them.

  • Reply to their comments, in a sincere and thoughtful manner.
  • Comment on their articles. Your two word comments “Good Article” or “Good Writing”, are great. Actually reading the article and making a constructive comment will help the writer improve his writing and show him you really care.
  • Add them as a Friends
  • If you really like their writing, follow them.

When thanking a reader, you encourage them to reciprocate Trybe Etiquette. That reader, in turn, will do the same to others and those other writers may reciprocate to others.

Let’s help each other out!

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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    Great stuff @nodesofvalue. As you say, keeping the reader in mind as you draft and post an article is key to the long-term outlook for the platform and obviously good for the content creator too. Highlighting risk is also a communal responsibility and shows a basic level of respect for those who read your posts. Cheers, mate.