Ode to TRYBE, Devs, Admin, and Members, if I have forgotten you
no need to fret, it was not meant as a threat, not intentional by any means,
as the local “crypto poet”, I have a bad memory and tend to show it,
I love this community on TRYBE and want to say thanks to all involved,
whether, a Member, Dev, Admin, or just a chat friend, hope never dissolved.


At the head of TRYBE is our main man Tom Norwood, I think he is good,
not sure where he is from, or when he will come, as time he can’t afford,
pops in on telegram or DISCORD from time to time, even writes articles,
on TRYBE for us to enjoy, and ensures rules to abide by to scribe,
also checking to ensure TRYBE never stops, or who is on board.


Devs, in the back end, always busy sorting out the latest hack,
and crap, for TRYBE to mend, to ensure it’s running and back,
they should be rewarded Tokens for their work, this must be recorded,
unseen, or merely called DEV, or Jerk, to resolve all TRYBE problems,
without fleeing, when issues occurred, eventually all simply solved.


Admin are in the front, in no special order Martin, Big Mike, and Matt,
always helping without a grunt, or disorder, sometimes blunt,
reading some crap and amazing posts, approving, they deserve a clap.
from answering any questions when asked, from the stupid to clever,
or even sarcastic ones, they always help, never slandering.


Members may to post to various categories, or sub-categories, with a label,
ranging from History, or private story, or even a poem, for interchanging,
variety of articles from a cats penis, to adventure trails and hikes,
and day trips to mountains, or pictures of Venus, mars, stars and even dogs,
special TA’s on crypto, from volatile Bitcoin, to alts going nowhere but the bogs.


TRYBE a community of Members, Devs and Admin, a great vibe,
reading, learning and tokens earning, an achievement, we are leading,
membership growing, day to day, per week, useful to the community needing,
this poem is no by means for me to suck up, as I am not stuck-up, or greedy,
maybe possibly a vote or comment or small note, to say Hi lets help the needy.


Let’s appreciate and respect each other whether we are a Member or
Administrator, Developer or the Leader, we all belong to the same TRYBE.

The End of the Poem but not TRYBE evolution.
Mark (Zeus69)

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