Dear Trybers,

Thank you so much for baring with us through these difficult few days. As many of you know, Trybe was hacked and that led us down a rabbit hole of server issues and more… Some of you lost posts, some of you lost tokens, and nobody came away unscathed…

However, as Nietzsche said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This has certainly been true for the Trybe team, who have worked round the clock for the last 48 hours to get the site moved over to an entirely new server (new company even) and recover as much of the data as possible. And we hope it is true for the rest of our community as well!

So, to those who have stuck with us – a huge THANK YOU!

If you’ve lost posts, we’d really love it if you took the time to re-write them. I myself lost a couple (sob!) and I know how it feels to lose your work.

Also, as a reward to everyone for sticking with us, we’d like to announce a special airdrop of 1 million tokens to everyone who has more than 500 TRYBE tokens on this site. We’ll be doing this on the 30th of November and the more tokens you have on the site, the more you’ll get, as it will be a proportionate drop. You must have your EOS account name in your profile, so please make sure that is updated. And then – start earning tokens!

The server is now more secure than ever, as well as faster, and we can look forward to an even brighter Trybe future!

By the way – the presale site was not hacked and nobody lost any tokens there. That site is on a different server as well as secured on the EOS blockchain ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks again for your patience and we look forward to some great content by you all.


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  1. Leo

    Very nice ๐Ÿ™‚ One question, did you disable earning tokens for daily visiting the site and rating post or is that still temporary because of the hack and will come back later? Besides that, the website is indeed more responsive now. Thanks!

  2. Steve

    I can’t log in with Firefox now, had to use the Brave browser. Also had to reset my password, not a problem but don’t want to have to do that too often. Probably just a temporary thing but thought I would let you know.

  3. Sheila Franklin

    Its a shame but hacking has become almost as common as breathing. This is the second project that I have been involved in that has been hacked recently. I am glad that you were able to straighten this mess. Continued success!

  4. Rauzal Juanda

    I am happy to hear good information about Trybe recovering and normal again.
    I appreciate the hard work of Tybe Team. Good Job Dude @Tom Norwood ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am happy and look forward to a million free shops. banzai ^^

  5. Zeus69

    Great thanks Tom, I am sure the hack has been extremely painful for your team of devs, well extremely painful and for the members too, but thanks for the post, this will certainly be valuable to the members.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  6. Crypto Grandmother

    Crypto Grandmother is over the moon knowing 1 million Trybe are on the way. I totally understand that glitches will take down the site, unknowns will swipe you sideways and the things that we don’t know that we don’t know will be the biggest bugs in the system (our own inner system and of course the outer hardware systems).

  7. Kevin

    Why not enable people to withdrawl Trybe tokens to there EOS account? That way tokens are safe and it would require a check of Trybe balance in EOS account in order to vote for posts.

  8. Mark

    Hi Tom
    of this special airdrop on October 30th I have not received anything. I have more than 500 tokens on my site and I have already marked my Eos claim in the trybe profile