Hello fellow Trybe members. I have been lurking on the site for a while now and here are a couple of observations and suggestions to improve the site. I mostly use the site looking at the all articles list sorted by newest. This way I should not miss anything.

  • The top of the article list shows some pinned articles (or are they promoted?) instead of showing all articles in a chronological order. At first I thought that no new articles were published one day, but then I scrolled further and the creation date started from the newest again. The only way to notice the actual new articles is to scroll down and look for the jump in creation date. My suggestion is to mark the pinned articles clearly so I can see where the actual new articles start.

Notice the jump in creation dates.

  • The category of the posts should be shown in the article list. I think it brings useful information without cluttering the view too much.

Photoshopped picture showing the categories of the post.

  • The star rating should more clearly show that a one- or two-star rating takes away tokens, three stars does nothing and only four- or five star ratings rewards the author. Maybe a scale under the stars: -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 or change the color of the stars: 1 and 2 are red, 3 is some neutral color and 4 and 5 are green. Or maybe ditch the star icon and think of something which evidently shows the impact right in the user interface. Maybe smiley faces or something. Otherwise someone might think that giving 1 or 2 stars is better than not rating at all, but actually it hurts the author. Not everyone will be bothered to read the documentation on how the rating actually works.
  • A language filter would be nice so the article list would not include languages I don’t understand. Multiple languages should be possible.
  • Bring back the daily login reward. It kept me coming back and checking the new content every day. Now I don’t visit as often.

Please leave a comment about any of the suggestions and add your own.

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  1. Martin Cooper

    Hi Jari. Thanks for the suggestions! a couple of these things are being worked on already. We do have a new Rating system coming in the future. I will pass this forward to the development team as they appreciate all feedback.

  2. Infosion

    Thinks for your input. Very valueble stuff which you tend to forget if you used TRYBE a little bit and therefore know about it. But like you said, lots of people don’t know. Especially new ones .. So good points for future improvement considerations!

    1. Jari Elomaa Post author

      We are early users of this site and, I guess, most of us found it by being interested in different blockchain platforms. So we naturally looked quite deeply what this site is, how it works and how it differs from other similar sites. Once the site becomes more popular it will attract more casual users as well and they might not read or always remember all the rules.

  3. peter S

    Excellent suggestions, I support them all. Another needed feature is a visual clue in the list when an author you follow published a new article (although this may make the site slow again, alternative is a button to generate such a list).

    1. Jari Elomaa Post author

      Thanks for the support Peter!
      Visual indication of followed authors sounds like a nice addition.
      I have not considered the performance impact on any of my suggestions. I leave that for the developers to decide.