I was surfing through the internet like i usually do. Checking my portfolio, crypto news, some videos of my favourite crypto youtubers. Then i found out this new crypto social network called Trybe. It’s a tokenized knowledge sharing network for the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities.

My experience with Trybe

I’m here only a few days and i like it already.  Sharing some crypto informations with others and getting rewarded for that. It’s still in beta version and we can expect much more improvements and updates. According to the founder this is still a beta version. A basic version of the Trybe with many interesting things and  upgrades and features yet to come. We are here at the very early stage.  The next thing that i like is that the members here are friendly and very helpful.

What is Trybe? What’s the difference between similar tokenized social platforms?

I was a very active member on steemit, which is another tokenized social network, similar to Trybe. I like steemit too, but it is harder to get  attention without whales or self promoting with  upvote-bots. Here it’s not like that. Everyone, even the bigest whales are limited with the value of their votes. Your upvote value can grow, but  only to the limited 200 token value. The second thing is that Trybe voting sistem prevents spamming. If you get a low  vote you can lose some tokens. That encourages people to post more quality posts rather than just spam with a low quality posts. Trybe is more focused in-depth dive into any topic. At the moment it’s mainly focusing on EOS but there are also other topics slowly comming to this community. Trybe is in it’s way to become a crowd-source knowledge where people can click on the topic they are interested in and choose the top rated or top valued articles from any topic.

You can check this interview with founder @Tom Norwood from Trybe.one! This interview is made by our very active Trybe member @TallEstate. You should check his blog and youtube channel.

A Reward Sistem

When you sign up you get 100 tokens. You get another 50 tokens per day just for checking out the site. They also decided to reward us and encourage with extra tokens. I would like to mention that we get doubled tokens on the 11th of September. How cool is that? A reward for early adopters. If you have, let’s say 1000 tokens on your Trybe (snapshot 11th of September) you will get another 1000 tokens to your EOS account. And you also keep those 1000 tokens on your Trybe.  Basically you double your tokens. If you want extra 250 tokens you can “airgrab” before 11th of September. If you want to know how to do that check this site. They also have a referral program. You get 50 tokens for inviting  new member.

How Popular is Trybe.one

Trybe is the new thing and it’s growing fast. I checked the statistics of this website rankings and i noticed that there was fast visitors growing from the begining in July. I also noticed that there was a spike of growth in the last days, from the 16th of August till now. It’s nice to see that and encouraging as well.

Most of Trybe visitors are from United States, followed by South Korea, Mexico and Isle of Man (Great Britain) a self-governing British Crown dependency. Just a few days before there was only USA and Mexico on this list. Trybe.one site is new and there cannot be found a completly  statistics yet. It must be at least 3 months old for complety statistics, but we can be very happy with the growth expansion. I like this community and i wish you all the best in the future. Well, we could say – the future is now!


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