The TRYBE leader-board, race is on,
who will be on top, pre-sales, almost gone,

I suggest you get your TRYBE tokens, fast,
you’ve been told, tokens will run out, near last,

The TRYBE leader-board below is for post rating,
so get your articles on, be friendly, we waiting,

Your TRYBE rank is dependent on it, so create,
Novice, to top of ranks, Grand master, don’t wait,

In 1st place, the man himself, @workin2005,
TA is his specialty, way ahead, always a strive,

2nd place in very close contention is @miti,
variety of articles, his forte, and his key,

3rd place but not by far you have @dexpartacus,
dude can write, creative, and very spontaneous,

4th place also close but some catching up, @Warface,
posts like, sex online, mmm, to blockchain, a chase,

5th place, a hard working man CD, @cryptosdecrypted,
he knows his stuff, down the rabbit hole, all scripted,

6th place, is our TRYBE singer, @Musanna Hatta,
yeah he can sing, very well indeed, women a flatter,

7th place is myself known as “Crypto Poet”, @Zeus69,
7th place, just a poem, no sex intended by sixty-nine,

8th place our Italian friend, and great writer, @Sardart,
amazing articles and a friendly person, very smart,

9th place is none other and the master, @EOSmastering,
great guy always willing to help anyone, by responding,

10th place, and close on his tail, is @Sandwichbill,
this man is creative, great posts, and has the will,

10th, I stop, not because from 11th and below not worthy,
but the list is long, you might get bored, this unworthy,

From 11th down, keep em coming my friends, do write,
you will be on the top rank eventually, the top is in site,

To Tom and his loyal team of Devs, and Admin, be proud,
you have achieved much in the time afforded, quite a crowd.

No members or animals were harmed in this poem in any way. Respect for one another, this you must retain, lets keep TRYBE community strong, read, write, vote, rate, remain sane, and be happy, free tokens are yours to gain. The market is down, so do not frown, the bottom is near, to the moon soon, this is clear as MUD, due to all the ridiculous FUD. If you don’t reach the top of “so-called” fame or rank, its no shame, as its for fun and only yourself to blame, ;).

P.S. Dont forget to Stake your tokens, plenty of airdrops to come!

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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Yup, I was also suprised to see it on the TRYBE platform, hence the reason why i wrote the poem about it. Of course you will get there with your great posts. Keep em coming my friend.
      Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Im sorry my friend, Im not in control, I just write about what I see. – One day you will be there though, I know because your posts are great. – thanks for reading and commenting bud. 🙂
      Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Nah i would say great are the entire TRYBE membership, its the early adoption that has escalated members to the top, I think the leaderboard will change as we move along on the TRYBE platform and write more, “earn while we learn”, 😉
      Thanks for reading,
      Mark (Zeus69)