Trybe is very proud to announce our partnership with Chaince is currently the largest EOS-based exchange by volume, and we are very happy to have our token listed with them!

Over the next few months Chaince and Trybe will be running several promotions on their platform where you can win additional TRYBE tokens, so if you’re not already registered then get an account there now!


Chaince is a superior blockchain asset trading platform focusing on EOS projects and the world-first exchange supporting all the EOS airdrops. Under the premise of ensuring the security of users’ assets, Chaince is committed to providing global users with excellent product experience, high-quality listed projects and transparent trading services of blockchain assets.

Focusing on EOS Ecology

Chaince is the world-first exchange focusing on EOS Ecology: first listing real RAM trading; first listing many famous EOS projects ( IQ,CET,KARMA,HORUS,PUB, etc. ) . Chaince is also the only exchange supporting all EOS airdrops, until now, Chaince has supported more than 37 EOS airdrops. Chaince will be fully committed to the EOS Ecology and respond quickly to market changes.

Listing Superior Projects

Chaince charges no fee to list projects, the quality of the project will be the only basis for listing decisions. Chaince has established a project-audit module named “Choice of Chaince”. This experienced team is led by Chaince CEO Peter Wu for selecting high-quality EOS projects . It will reduce the information asymmetry in the market and allow users to enjoy the huge blockchain industry “development dividends”.

Excellent Service

Chaince is proud of our efficient service, we have many customer service staffs in our official communities( Telegram, Twitter, Wechat, Kakao ) providing real-time guidances. All the users’ request will be responded within 24 hours. Chaince provides first class deposit and withdraw service ( no charge for EOS-based token ). All Chaince members cultivate user-oriented product thinking and make efforts to optimize the using experience.

Various Promotion Activities

Since launched in June 2018, Chaince has been known for our various promotion activities and rich rewards. Through these activities, Chaince has gifted out hundreds of millions of CET(Chaince Token) and various other tokens. Every time listing a new token, Chaince will design a variety of activities ( “trading contest”, “deposit more earn more”, “repost bonus”, etc. )to reward active users. You definitely don’t want to miss it !

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  1. SouthernCrossroads

    After reading the article, the first thing I did was give chiance a visit. Thanks for the lead on a new exchange, but I do have to wonder why they choose a user name and password credential when the real beauty of EOS is authentication with Scatter.

    Chiance should really consider integrating scatter support.