Dear Trybe Community,

while the development team has been working to eliminate the issues of the recent hack, some new features and changes have been applied to during the past weeks. We would like to take the opportunity to inform you in a consolidated format about what is happening.

Many of the features and fixes might have been recognized by you already.

It is our aim to continuously improve the Trybe feature and experience. Those of you that have been following us since the early days, will have recognized a significant change already. Things to come are even bigger! Buckle up!

Changes of Trybe features

Spam prevention contribution

As you are all aware, we have started to charge 50 Trybe tokens for new articles. A warning popup reminds you about the fee, also the submit button was adjusted to reflect the change.

The Tokens will be deducted from your account when the article is approved by the editor team.

This measure was taken to improve the overall quality of posts and reduce the amount of plagiarism we have seen. We have seen a significant improvement based on this decision.

Messenger and chat functionality test

As many of you recognized, we have tested a new messenger and chat system on Trybe.One. While the community feedback was very positive in regard to functionality, we have identified some speed decrease on the page which was not acceptable. We have therefore decided to deactivate the new features for now and handed them back to development.

New rating system functionality test

While restoring the servers during the last weeks, we decided to also test our new rating system. Some of you had the chance to use it for a limited time. We have gathered some experiences and feedback from the community and deactivated it again to develop it further.

The initial feedback was very good, and the opportunity to rate various factettes of an article was well accepted.

Interface and front end News

Trybe.One performance

We understand that our community has been complaining about long page load times. Our development team has dug deep inside the current configurations and found some very effective tweaks to improve the speed of our website.

Though the recently occurred hack caused significant issues, it gave us the opportunity to iron out even more issues. The website should now perform even better, thanks to our great development team.

We are aware of some remaining issues during the voting process, this might take significant time. Please be sure, that we are working on this issue, too.

Content view for languages is a multi-language platform. To further reflect this, we have dedicated a navigation section to the new navigation dropdown on the left side of Trybe.One. You can now select a region and country to quickly identify content which is published in your favorite language.


Customize Notifications

Allow you to manage and switch on/off the various notification emails of Trybe.One. This is especially valuable for very active users that see a continuous flow of emails in their inbox.

Affiliate page improvements

Referral programs always follow rules. We have spent some time to improve the affiliate page and explain our program a little more. Of course, it also looks even nicer now.

Series widget improvements

The series widget appears once users write more than one article about a specific topic. You might have recognized this component when reading posts. We have improved the way the widget behaves and also improved the design, so it is easier to handle.

For those of you that have been wondering how to combine your articles to a series, this needs to be done by one of the Trybe editors. Please contact us via the Telegram channel, we will be happy to assist you with this task. The feature will be available to you within the future releases of Trybe.One.

Fix of activity filter

We have fixed a small bug that prevented filtering of your activity feed by category. It is now possible to select a category; the activity feed objects will now display correctly.

Fix of bulk editing of messages

It is now possible to multi-select all notifications within your inbox by clicking on the top left box, once all notifications are selected, you may choose to mark as read or delete all objects.

Fixed bug when clicking on the username in article

We have fixed an unexpected behavior where a click on the user profile below an article would actually direct to the blog of the user and not to the profile page. You will now be directed to the correct page within Trybe.

Usability improvements

We are aware that the “delete” button has sometimes led to confusion resulting in deleted articles while the user wanted to remove an image only. We have improved the button to prevent this from happening.

The “reply to comment” button has been slightly changed to be more obvious.

It is our goal to continuously improve Trybe, please head over to our official telegram group in case you find any bug or feature you would like to see here. We are there to listen to you!

All the best!

Your Trybe Team

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  1. Conceptskip

    Really great update!Glad to hear about these new additons. Trybe seems to run quite smoothly now. The new series feature is exactly what I’ve needed, great to see that. Seems that i missed the new rating feature. Curious what’s it going to be.

    1. BitcoinQuest Post author

      Thank you! It has been a rough ride for all of us, especially the developers, but our community is wonderful, almost nobody complained about the inconvenience.

      The new voting feature we tested basically included 3 ratings to allow diversified feedback on readability, originality and the story itself. This would allow a far more differentiated feedback.

  2. VG

    Thanks for the update @bitcoinquest. Looking better everyday. I have a random issue. When I hover over my avatar it show a pending friend request, but there is nothing when I check it. Been like that a couple days. Keep the updates coming!!!

    1. BitcoinQuest Post author

      Could you please send me a screenshot of the issue via Telegram, please? We are happy to look for the issue. We just corrected one, where an error message was shown when accepting a friendship request. Thank you for your support!