About a month ago an update of the whitepaper was announced.

In this post a Google Doc was made available to the community for commenting:

[Click] Read the Google Paper [Click]

Since I only recently came across the platform, it is still interesting to see what changes are on the way.

This article will complement my blogs about advertising and content monetization. Source of my statements is therefore the current Whitepaper.


Future developments

The last pages of the whitepaper contain information about future plans. I will discuss almost every point, but of course I recommend to read the whitepaper.

Staking rewards

In the future, it will be possible to strengthen your TRYBE tokens to receive rewards. These rewards are derived from the inflation of the TRYBE tokens. The following statement currently exists on the amount and condition of the staking rewards:

The minimum time that tokens can be staked is 30 days, and it will take 3 days to unstake tokens when the user wishes to do so. 50% of the token supply being staked will determine the percentage of inflation that is used to reward stakers. As an example: If 40% of all tokens in circulation are being staked, then 20% (50% of the staked 40%) of inflation will be paid to staked tokens

For this purpose, an appropriate wallet will be implemented, which according to the development team will be available soon.

[Click] Trybe.One Pre-Sale / Wallet – Link [Click]

Via this link you can reach the probably later wallet for the purpose of pre-sale. In the upper left corner you can already see an icon with the inscription Staking, but the function is not implemented yet and will follow, like the actual wallet, in the future.

Integration of other DApps

As other dApps on both EOS and other blockchains become stronger and more prevalent, Trybe will integrate with the ones that seem like a good fit for the platform.

However, there is no further information available. It remains to be seen exactly which DApps will be used or implemented in the future.

Modified referral system

While currently the advertising of a person brings a fixed contribution of 100 TRYBE tokens, the reward will be made dependent on the interactions of the advertised person on Trybe.One in the future.

Community Development Proposals

The development team plans to implement a way to process improvement requests from the community. This could have a positive impact on the development of the platform.

Users wishing to make a proposal will choose a target funding goal and communicate as much as possible about their idea. Other users of the platform will be able to vote on projects and those that are approved by the community will be funded from the Trybe account.

Paid Content Proposals

A way should be implemented to be able to handle the creation of content on request over the network. For example, a new project could hire a content creator to write a blog about its project.

According to the whitepaper, the following procedure should be followed:

How this would function:

– Company posts job
– Content creators bid
– Company sees bids plus relevant stats for each bidder (number of followers, average rating of their articles, etc.)
– Company chooses one or more creators
– Once the articles are submitted, creators get paid
– 25% of the agreed payment goes to the TRYBENETWORK fund and the rest to the content creator

– Content creators can still earn tokens on this content as per usual

Paid Content

Users should have the opportunity to be paid directly for their content:

Trybe will offer users the ability to charge directly for their content. This could be in any number of different currencies. This would allow users to create content more similar to an online course that they would then be able to charge directly for.

Custom User Token

The whitepaper talks about the possibility that users with sub-sites can later create their own tokens, which are then used for rewards.

Republishing Widgets

In short: Widgets will be implemented to simplify crossposting (posting to different channels) so that content can be posted to non-Trybe pages as well.

Creation of new reward token (KYN)

As I wrote in my blog about monetization, a reward token is created as soon as TRYBE reaches its inflation limit of 2 billion TRYBE. After the 2 billion TRYBE are distributed, the KYN token takes over the rewards of the users. Staking rewards will also be performed via KYN after this time.

That’s what it should have been for these future outlooks. I hope this blog will also give you some valuable insights. I have excluded the topic Sub-Sites as far as possible, likewise I have omitted some other things, which I consider less relevant. I don’t want to judge the sub-sites before they are realized. If you still want to read more about sub-sites, I recommend the Trybe.One whitepaper once again:

[Click] Trybe.One Whitepaper [Click]

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