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Dear Trybians,

We have now started our pre-sale!

After feedback from the community, we have updated our pre-sale and airdrop conditions, and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you below the updated information.


Our next airdrop will be on the 11th of December, and anyone who holds TRYBE in their EOS account will share in the 10M TRYBE that we will be airdropping on that date. The more TRYBE you hold, the more you will receive. So if you hold 1% of all the TRYBE in circulation, you will receive 1% of the airdrop amount.

These airdrops WILL be given to people who purchase TRYBE in our pre-sale, but will not include founders (or Trybe main accounts). However, developers or other employees of who get paid in tokens WILL be eligible for airdrop bonuses. We will publish a full list of exempt accounts before the airdrop.

In 2019, we will hold 11 airdrops of 3M tokens each. These will start on the 1st of February, and then on the 1st of each month thereafter, and anyone who stakes their tokens for the entire previous month will be eligible to receive the airdrop based on how many tokens they stake.


Our pre-sale is now live! Please visit to participate!

Any tokens purchased in the pre-sale will need to be staked until the 1st of July 2019, and after that you will only have access to 10% of the balance each month for 6 months. After 1st January 2020, they will all be fully available for transfer/sale.


All Trybe Founders will be staking our tokens as per the same conditions of the pre-sale. We are doing this to show the community that we believe in our project, and to protect the price of TRYBE on the open market.


Once the pre-sale has concluded, we will be starting our token sale. The terms of the token sale can be found in our whitepaper, but essentially it will work in a similar way to the EOS token sale. Each cycle (13 hours) we will be selling 400K tokens, and these will be distributed amongst the contributors for that cycle, with bonuses for the highest contributors and referrals.

We are expecting to start our token sale early next year, so by the time the pre-sale and founders tokens start to come out of staking, there will already be a large number of tokens on the open market (meaning the price will be less affected by the new tokens becoming available).


The proceeds of the pre-sale and token sale will be used to build a whole new software platform for As many of you know, the existing platform is build using WordPress and was only ever meant to be a prototype. The next platform will be custom built, contain a whole range of awesome new features that the current platform doesn’t have (including mobile apps), and will be much faster and more scalable (up to hundreds of millions of users at any time). We are very excited about this next stage in our development, and we hope that you will support us (and benefit with us) as we move forward!

Thanks again for being part of the Trybe community 🙂


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  1. Zeus69

    Thanks Tom, sounds like some interesting developments in TRYBE and EOS, I am only on binance and use TRYBE as a newb and dont want to confuse myself any more than I already am, LOL. Please advise me on what I should do to benefit from the pre-sale etc, etc, I dont even know how to stake or unstake coins, excuse my ignorance.
    Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Nick T

      Staking EOS is quite easy. As for staking Trybe Tokens, I haven’t heard of such a thing until now. Would be great if someone can come out with a guide on staking Trybe tokens.
      On the EOS Kit website, the only 2 coins that are stakable are Meet One and Karma.

      Thank You,

      1. Christopher

        Hey Nick,
        As of right now the only way to stake tokens is to is to purchase them in the pre-sale. Tokens purchased in the pre-sale will be automatically staked. Tokens located in your wallet not from the pre-sale (earned from participating on the site) can not be staked at this time. Tokens on the EOS blockchain and in your EOS account can not be staked at this time either. Details about staking of tokens using the EOS mainnet (using cleos, generEOS toolkit, or Scatter) has not been released. I have heard nothing about staking tokens on the EOS mainnet so I’m not even sure if it will be a possibility.

  2. peter S

    I’ve been reading the latest version of the WP and your Token Sale mechanism is a very interesting concept. As the tokens will also be listed (and tradeble) at the same time during the 1500 cycles of token sales, the price should develop in parallel. Worked well for EOS and should give a large supporters base for Trybe as well. I’ll be in on the pres-sale but will follow the token sale cycles closely as it will form an interesting economic model, case study for future investment mechanism,

  3. byji

    Um… Then can you tell me if I understand airdrop?
    -> Airdrops are not made up of eos:trybe = 1:1. Trybe will give out a limited quantity. That criterion is the amount of TRYBE held in each account.
    Is it correct?

    1. Christopher

      Yes Byji, you have in correct. In fact the airdrops will be far less than 1:1. Only 10 million will be airdrop on Dec. 11th and 33 million (11 airdrops of 3 million) each month in 2019. Lets say you own 0.0001% of the tokens in circulation (at the time of each airdrop snapshot) then you would receive 0.0001% of each of the 12 airdrops.

    1. Christopher

      This option is not available yet. The developers should have a method to do so released before the airdrop on Dec. 11th. I expect they will give users time to transfer tokens to EOS well in advance of that date.

  4. Marcel van den Bos

    Do I understand correctly that there are 1.000.000 Trybe tokens in circulation right now and that, if you own 1% (10.000 Trybe) thay you will receive 1% (100.000 TRYBE of the 10M TRYBE)? what will happen to the TRYBE tokens on the EOS chain eventually?

  5. Ilia

    I will be more than happy to invest in TRYBE tokens! Tom you did a great job and what TRYBE offers I really like. I first started writing articles when I came to TRYBE, I know that I need to work to make my articles better and worthily presented in the fields of the tribe. I’m a big fan of EOS and became a fan of your project. I really like your concept and development model. The model of selling TRYBE tokens that you offer is very interesting, I am sure that it will give investors great opportunities. Good luck to you in all matters and good mood!

  6. 张臣君

    I am optimistic about the Trybe project, there are pre-sale purchase tokens, I have a suggestion, PRA daily capacity is ranked first, I am their volunteer, I can introduce the needs of business cooperation, the most important thing is that all this is free of. You only need to take out a part of the token and drop it into the DAPP.

  7. maxidai

    It is going to be fixed at $ 0.10.

    If EOS price goes down, will someone buy the token?

    Conversely, if the EOS price rises, the coin purchase will increase.

    In other words, 100 million units will be sold quickly if EOS price rises.

    If so, is not it a fool to buy it now?

    You should have a policy that benefits you quickly from purchasing tokens.

    So 100 million tokens will be consumed quickly.