I have an idea for boosting some of all common favorite content on TRYBE. By the same time you get to know some other good content from here you didn’t know before. If we start this now it will also help everyone who deserves it getting some more coins for the upcoming airdrops on the 30th of November and the 11th of December, which are very important regarding all upcoming airdrops after that. So here’s my plan:

Please add some of your most favorite article(s) you read so far on TRYBE into the comments below. I think that way we can create an awesome list!

Just some simple rules:

– Please only submit articles that are not from yourself. This is about valuing the content of others who deserve it

– Please submit at least one or three of your favorite articles at maximum

– Don’t worry about if others already posted your favorite article before you (You don’t have to scan through every post to check that…)

…and to make sure that all the mentioned articles here are getting really some more attention:

The last person adding a new comment should at least read through one of the articles from the person who posted the last comment. That way we make sure that at least almost every article here is viewed by one other person and got rated.

The idea behind this is:

– to get to know about other great content here on TRYBE which you didn’t know before

– value more the good content which other people also thought is good

– get to know some other readers. Maybe you’re already active on TRYBE but you may not know every great article or content creator here so far

I’ll make the start with these three articles I really liked. I can’t say that they are definitely THE most outstanding of all articles I ever read here so far. But they were stuck in my mind since I read them and like them for different reasons:

From @eosmastering: Why is it Taking so Long!? A little Story About the Internet, Computer Games and Blockchain.

From @pcsasd: William (Pim) Stemmer missed the Nobel prize by a heart beat

From @phanpp: A Wallet That Replenishes Itself Everyday ! Impossible ? Read on.

Because I can’t choose more to name just a few more: For example I really like to watch videos and the helpful analyses from @workin2005 or the articles from @i-am are always very interesting and thoughtful. @zeus69 is also always worth spending your time reading some of his poetry.

The more comments there are, the more fun this will be and the more sense it will make. So if you want to support this simply post a comment below following the “rules” I mentioned. Hope there will be some responds – otherwise this article looks weird … 😉

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    1. Infosion Post author

      Oh, I somehow missed your comment on this, thanks for sharing some of your favorites!
      I`ll look into @sandwichbill, allready looks interesting scrolling through 🙂
      And yeah actually felt a little bit bad after I posted that here and not metioning here because I really also liked some of @mosunomotunde‘s articles – and should also take some time to read some more of her stuff. There’s always some worthy lessons which can be helpful in this stressful crypto world 🙂 But like you said I could also mention some others more. For example I also can recommend articles from @conceptskip, @sullexbee or @jmceos to just mention a few more …

    1. Infosion Post author

      Hey thx, sorry I didn’t answer earlier. Somehow had this article in my mind but actualy thought nobody posted anything so far… 🙂 Somehow messed up the notifications about it.
      So thank you also very much for participating so early in this!
      And Thx for the post, that’s always very valuable for new members like you and also for someone like me to look into if I really know everything that’s in there so far 😉
      Thanks very much for your help

  1. SouthernCrossroads

    @infosion, @cryptosdecrpted, @I-Am, all mentioned here are some of my favorite authors on Trybe so I would like to post a shout out to a couple of the others I really look forward to see in the posts…