Live Trybe Sessions on Crowdcast with Fred from PixEOS!


Join Fred Nogueira from PixEOS with  Matt and Tom from on this live stream interactive event where we will discuss the launch of PixEOS, the future and what’s next for this revolutionary DAPP where Art meets gaming.  Book your seat now to get live updates and reminders and come relax for a candid and fun discussion where we will take live audience questions and talk about art, blockchain, and gaming and everything in between.

Happy, approachable, passionate and outspoken you can bet there won’t be a dull moment with Fred as we break down the project and talk about the future of PixEOS in the EOSIO eco-sphere.




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  1. SugarFix

    I’d heard of PixEOS before this. People I know have won it and so I took a look at the “game”. It’s one of those ideas that is good for proof of concept but poor for mass adoption. It’s a bit like one of those apps you download on Android, play it a couple of times and forget about it. So while I don’t think it will take off it could be the basis for something else which might get mass adoption. Wish the developers the best of luck for the future.