Dear Community,

it has not been too long since Trybe has appeared on our radars, I personally recall that I published a post on Steemit promoting Trybe as new, the great alternative. At that time I received affiliate number 29 which seems to be far in the past as of today.

A tremendous milestone, 10,000+

Today, we have passed the 10,000 user mark and we are thrilled to inform you that right now, we have 10,033 members supporting the platform.


We, at Trybe trust, that we are doing many things the way they should be. Our aim is to deliver the most seamless experience for you while assuring, that our rules are not breached.

As you know we are investing a significant part of our lives and resources to achieve this through continuous improvements of Trybe.One, content and plagiarism validation and management of our wonderful community.

As we are developing the concepts of Trybe 2.0, we are also closely monitoring our environment. Of course, we recognize the status of the competing platforms and are very happy, that we are in a position to offer wonderful stories, well written, informative content and, most of all, unique posts. It is no secret that one or the other platform is being flooded by spam, machine-generated content and voting bots. We are very proud that our efforts are preventing our community from the same experiences.

Above all, we are extremely grateful, that you have stood behind us during the dark hours of the recent hacker attack on our beloved Trybe platform. During the days out development and administrative team has worked on the resolution of the issues, we were impressed by the understanding and support of our community. While other platforms would have been covered in a massive “shitstorm” you stood by our side and supported us, even offering your assistance and helping us to moderate our social media groups.


As you know, Tom has decided to send you our appreciation via additional airdrop, which will soon happen. We are within the last preparations to execute this activity for you. It is the least we can do to reward you for your loyalty.

Very soon, we will launch the new Trybe pre-sales site which will soon be available for you. We are thrilled to release this to you, as it will offer great features that we all have been waiting for.

This is just the beginning, please help us to promote Trybe further!

We would also like to remember you to consider our running token pre-sale as it will supply us with the required funds to move Trybe to the next level.

Please continue to create great content, we love it!

All the best,

Your Trybe Team

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  1. Miguel A. Cabanes

    This is an amazing platform much more better than Steemit in many aspects, in my opinion; It is only a matter of time before it becomes the giant in which it is predestined to become.
    Congratulations to everyone involved and thank you very much for that extra airdrop!

  2. Conceptskip

    Congrats to this milestone! It’s amazing how quickly Trybe has been growing and i love the liveliness of the niew general interest section. Please keep up the good work and focus on quality! Proud to be part of this and so curious about Trybe 2.0

  3. Paul Oluwanisola

    This is really amazing! Now we can expect a viral exponential growth. No doubt trybe is destined to become the #1 content sharing and rewarding blockchain ecosystem. Anyone would fall in love immediately upon setting an eye on the platform.
    This is just the beginning.

  4. hellonews

    This is great! i love this community and the quality of the content. Thank you everyone for bringing us a stem closer to reality. I am sure we will go through all the challenges and make this a large global community!