Trybe is currently undergoing the token sale for 100 million tokens @ 0.01 USD. The funds raised will be used to develop the website and the community. The Question is, being the community member how can one help the Trybe Team on this and also make some profit out of it. Here is the solution, called arbitrage strategy.

What is Arbitrage Trading Strategy?

Arbitrage is also called as risk less profit strategy which involves buying and selling of asset in different market. Where the prices of the same asset differ in different market, the strategy is to sell in the market where the prices are higher and buying in the market where the prices of lower.

How to make risk less profit from Trybe Token Sale?

Say for examples you are currently holding 10,000 Trybe tokens in your EOS wallet.

Step 1 : Sell the Trybe in  exchange. You will be able to realize (10,000*0.0035) = 35 EOS

Step 2 : Buy the Trybe in the Token Sale. You will get (35 EOS* 520)= 18200 Trybe

That is it. By this strategy you will be able to increase your trybe holding from 10,000 to 18,200 i.e 80%(+/-)  increase.

Risk Involved : Liquidity Risk

Liquidity Risk means not being able to sell the asset for the specific duration.

The Trybe purchased  through token sale will be locked up to next July 2019. Thus this strategy is for long term investor’s who are thinking of holding trybe for next 6 month and not for Short Term Trading.

The Trybe token purchased through token sale will be eligible for staking and the airdrop. Thus only risk for a long term investor is, not utilizing this strategy to increase the trybe token holdings.

Advantage to community and Trybe Team

This process will help the trybe team to raise funds faster thereby implementing of the future plans will be easier. Let make sure the trybe team will be able to raise their 1 Million USD at earliest.

Disclaimer : I am not a certified investment planner. The above strategy if only my opinion. Please careful undertake your own due diligence before executing the trading strategy .

Comment and Votes will will be appreciated is you like it or planning to execute the strategy


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  1. Luke Phoenix

    One thing to advise is to not sell down the price. Make sure to set sell orders at the market price and allow the buyers to come up to you. This helps the price climb and if you look at the trade volume you may rest assured they will sell.

    You’re a good writer Ajay! I looked forward to Editing your post when I saw your name. I wish you would have written a longer article hitting around 800 words and I would have shared it on other social media channels. Chat me with your next article and if it is this quality and better length I’ll give it some sharing promotional love.