If you are new to Trybe and you already tested Steemit you can believe that the two platforms are the same. In this article, I will try to compare the two monetization models of the two platforms and to predict the TRYBE Token price based on the evolution of STEEM’s price.

STEEM was listed on Coinmarketcap starting 18 Apr 2016. At that time only 250,000,000 existed. The price was around 0,65 USD/STEEM and the total Market Cap was 2,507,835 USD. A total of 250,000,000 tokens will be put aside for early adopters and contributors to the platform but the distribution model (the 50,000,000 tokens distributed to EOS holders and the rest of 200,000,000 tokens offered to grow the users base) I believe will make the TRYBE tokens much cheaper. It is impossible for me to predict a start value of the price for the token now. What about the estimated value of TRYBE token after one year?

This is the price evolution of STEEM in the first year. The first big spike occurred at only 4 months after Steemit.com going live. If TRYBE will have the same evolution and adoption as steemit.com had we can expect this type of price action for the TRYBE token in november or december 2018. This is the only prediction I can make regarding the TRYBE token price at this moment.

Hodling your TRYBE tokens will have 2 advantages vs selling in the first 2 months after launch:

1. You will be able to get a better price for your tokens if you are not interested in hodling long term

2. Your vote will be more valuable and this can help the platform curation system to be fair.

Long term hodling will be the subject of another post.

Thank you.

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  1. Tom Norwood | Trybe

    Thanks Marius!! Great article 🙂 There will be another incentive to HODL your Trybe tokens that you gain through participation rewards – and that is that you will get a share in the advertising revenue every three months. This won’t be for a while yet (as there is no advertising yet) but eventually this will be a large portion of the income from Trybe 🙂

    1. Deniz Strengehagen Gungør

      This will likely place the tokens as securities right? I remember when I first tried to get hold of how the Steemit plattform mecanisms was going to reward content and that was advertisers needed to buy STEEM, and thereby rewaring STEEM holders by price increase. How is Trybe in that regard?

  2. Kenny Crane

    Hi Marius and everyone! I’m new here. 🙂 My first impressions of Trybe are good.
    I have been on Steemit since June 2016, and I am a custom software developer for many private social networks.
    I was on Steemit in July 2016 when that amazing price spike occurred. We all thought we were going to be millionaires if the trend continued. Of course there was a correction, as always.
    There was a very specific reason for that spike. Before the 4th of July 2016, there were just a few thousand people on Steemit, but there was a large reward pool given away every day and all you had to do was to write something halfway decent and be a nice person to others, and you would get large up votes for your posts resulting in a large payout in a few days. However. it was just a number! There was No Way, yet, to move Steem off steemit to say Bittrex or Poloniex, trade it for BitCoin and then move that to CoinBase and sell for cash. But that Way Out was promised for the 4th of July, and it happened! Suddenly the number in your account was something that could be Real Money. People made big payouts earlier with their articles so they wanted to try and see if this Internet Money could be turned into Real Money. They were able to do the conversion, and then they wrote about it on steemit and everywhere else! People started seeing articles about steemit bloggers paying their rent, buying dinner, taking vacations and more, with money they quickly earned on Steemit. Since Steemit was a first mover and connected in kind to BitCoin, people realized they could get into crypto very easily just by writing. FOMO kicked in Big Time! Steem price began to rise and that just accelerated the Fear Of Missing Out further. Everyone wanted a piece of STEEM and the buying was crazy. It shot up to the number 3 (I think) position on CoinMarketCap as the pump went to the moon. After peaking at over $5, it drifted down to a dime in the following year’s time. But Team Steem kept making improvements via hard forks, and Steem is very much alive and well to this day, hovering near $1 after its second peak near $8 if I recall, in the total crypto boom of this past winter.
    Trybe might compete against Steemit and there is plenty of room for both platforms to attract audiences and investors. But I don’t think Trybe will go through a pump on the same timescale as Steem because there were different circumstances as I just discussed. However, it is quite possible that Trybe Does go through some sort of pump at some time. As I said, I’m new here. I will still be on Steemit; there is so much going on there, and I have 2 years worth of connections there. But I may do a bit here too, and I also think it will be a blast I hope!

  3. Yanika

    Marius, thanks a lot. I read twice your article, appropriate comparison I guess with Steem price. I am getting more and more involved with this platform, it will be a blast I hope!

  4. chekohler

    I’m not so sure about Trybe being compared to steem since steem is a shared blockchain with money moving in and out from exchanges, dapps and distributed via posting, delegation along with buying and selling and even staking. It also released during a really bullish time for crypto so i think those factors heavily influenced its growth.

    As fro trybe I will be hodling since its worth nothing at the moment hopefully it can hit $0.01 I think thats a big milestone for any token