I have done a few interviews with a ton of exciting projects on EOS, but Emanate definitely tops my list of the most anticipated DAPPS in EOS…

Imagine a world where artists can actually get paid fairly for their work… Where thousands of truly talented closet producers and songwriters receive and equitable share of the pie…

Imagine it on EOS… Where the platform is powered by those who really drive its success: Enter Emanate.

Emanate actually pays the artists on a second by the second timetable and allows for equal opportunity in a world where talent struggles to get recognition. Where multiple artists can be paid out for their collaborations at the same time ensuring no one gets unfairly represented in collaborative projects.

In this interview with Sean and Jimmy we really explore all things that make the future of Emanate a bright one. These guys are bright, intuitive, and focused. The future of music on EOS looks promising.

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Emanate links and information:

Emanate on telegram

Emanate website:

Emanate whitepaper:

Pitch deck

Token economy and video as referenced in the interview:

Emanate got great press coverage in the last two weeks thanks to our partnerships with Volareo and Vampr. We features on Business Insider, Forbes, Gizmodo and many many more…here’s a taste: https://www.businessinsider.com.au/a-sydney-blockchain-startup-is-helping-power-this-new-smart-speaker-that-pays-the-artists-it-plays-2018-8

– Take a peep at our Emanate demo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNU0LiQ-R-E

– We are now doing round-ups on Medium. Be sure to follow along for the latest: https://medium.com/emanate-live
– 4 x new language versions of the whitepaper have just dropped! Get them here
– Keep your eyes out for an article by some friends of ours in the next day or two!

– Our Emanate x Yunizon x Ralph remix comp is live! Enter here to win up to 100,000 MN8 tokens: www.emanate.live/#!/yunizon

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