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I managed to sit down with Thomas for an interview where we spoke about the future of EOS, Integrity, Productivity, ethics, and about his past present and future. I’ve had some great interviews with some amazing people from EOS but this is likely ranked as one of my favorites.

We speak about how his journey began, psychology, defining moments, and everything in between. If you didn’t know Thomas before, you know him now…

A great guy with some great insights into the things that propelled him to where he is now and where he is headed.

Find Thomas at the EOS governance channel here: https://t.me/EOSGov

Or the EOS alliance here https://t.me/eos_alliance

Also, keep your eyes peeled on the Strongblock.io website here Strongblock.io

Find Thomas Cox on Linked in here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasbcox/

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  1. webdeals

    damn if you do long video mate 🙂 I can’t watch it now as I am in a sleepy mode… but tomorrow I will try to watch it. I hope it will work well and will bring the good results we are all expecting/waiting form it.