One of the most compelling interviews Matt has done to date with WP from South Africa and Greg Simpson from EDNA on EOS. This one is a tear jerker….

WP is a real life action hero. Fighting illegal crime syndicates who kill and traffic not only endangered wildlife but real human as well. I never thought I would be locked into a conversation with Greg from EDNA about some of the atrocities occurring on some of the furthest reaches of the earth but this was an important one. Please show us some love and drop us a subscribe and turn on notifications.

WP is going to working closely with Greg to use blockchain tech to be able to identify poached products and create some support for the cause he has dedicated his life too with his money earned from all his hard work. He is currently setting up a donation fund under the following page (might not be up yet but will be soon).

Greg, my man… What can I say about EDNA… I’ve done so many interviews I feel like I have said it all. Keep your eyes on this man as he dedicates his life to enriching others through ownership of DNA and blockchain. Join EDNA on telegram here



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  1. Zeus69

    This was a great video interview, I made comments on the site already, to me it was heart-breaking but happiness that something is being done, I know the news in SA is that the rhino poaching has dropped off quite a bit atm.
    Its the human trafficking factor that really bothers me and syndicates that are involved, these type of criminals move from one crime to the next out of pure greed, they must fall.
    Mark (Zeus69)