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I managed to get a few minutes with Dmitri from Meet.One during a national holiday while he came into work for this interview and I am sure glad he did.

I like Meet.one because they have a great outreach with all communities around the globe and have come up with some fantastic tools for us all to use.

In this interview we discuss everything from Meet.One as an EOS Block Producer to A cashless society in China, the Meet.One and More.One application, side and sister chains, and a whole lot more.

Dmitri is a great guy and I do enjoy some of the great and innovative ways Meet.One is giving back to the community through their developer side chain and a whole lot more.

Meet.One Links

Dmitri Pro MEET.ONE, [02.10.18 21:01]
Website https://meet.one/

Get the wallet here
Join them on telegram here
Join them on twitter here
See their website here
whitepaper for their sidechain here

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