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A great talk with Douglas Horn From Telos about his vision for the project, what exactly Telos is, How having time to prepare will ultimately make the project stronger.
Telos describes itself (via the website) as Blockchain perfected:
” Delegated Proof of Stake is the future of smart-contract blockchains. We combine the blazing fast execution and scalability of EOSIO software with true decentralization that makes DPoS sustainable. Telos will have the most even money supply distribution of any blockchain. This token distribution improves governance, so the network is more secure and sustainable.

Looking forward to following the project as they move forward. I enjoyed talking to Douglas and am anticipating the net launch. If you had genesis snapshot tokens, you’ll have some Telos.

You can see their website at the Telos Foundation here

See the whitepaper here:

find them on twitter here

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