Worbli has announced it’s first application as Tokenoro, a gold backed STO with dividends from gold mining operations.

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This video is not any form of financial advice nor solicitation to purchase any tokens. All opinions are mine, and this is just an information piece on a token coming to WORBLI on EOSIO. Always do your own research and consult a professional when making financial decisions.

That being said, the first application to be announced for WORBLI is Tokenoro. Find the press release here: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/worbli-presents-tokenoro-tokenize-combined-160400114.html

Find out more about Tokenoro including the whitepaper here www.tokenoro.com

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Join Worbli telegram here: https://t.me/worblicommunity

Find out more about Worbli here www.Worbli.io


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  1. globalgreg

    Thanks Matt! Another great Video! With So much info to process each day in this crypto-space, I like how your short video’s condense this to essential intel – especially with referencing authoritative sources like the Whitepaper. Definitely agree with you about the precedent set for future dApp’s and tokens on the Worbli blockchain! Upvoted.