So finally the Trybe Wallet has been released (albeit partially; doesn’t include staking or the portfolio parts yet) and it looks great. The main part that has been activated by the Trybe team is the ability to participate in their pre-sale which has immediately caused a significant drop in the spot price of TRYBE tokens on NewDex. This is due to the pre-sale selling tokens for around half of the spot price prior to the opening of the token sale even though the tokens purchased will be locked up until July 2019 then released slowly over the 6 months following.

I believe now is a perfect time to buy Trybe tokens before they rise in value back to prior to the pre-sale pricepoint after the buzz of the pre-sale opening dies down and people realise they cannot use their pre-sale tokens until next year making the currently active tokens inherently more valueable than the locked up pre-sale tokens.

Another reason that backs my point of a price appreciation is the impending release of the staking function along with the release of the awesome portfolio portion of the Trybe application which I believe will drive the price higher due to evidence of a great team working together to present consumers with a product that is coming together nicely and extremely quickly.

I am extremely excited (if you couldn’t already tell) about Trybe and other applications that harness the brilliance of the software and the EOS protocol. A potential recommendation would be that Trybe and other dapps use the Trybe platform more often to update investors and users on potential changes to their platforms and dapps as well as use the platform for things such as polls and discussions to do with governance and the addition of new features.

I think that the crypto market as a whole is warming up for a bull run even though there are many naysayers and I think that we could see the start of the upward run within a month. This will have interesting implications for EOS tokens and in turn Trybe tokens of which I look forward to watching and commenting on.

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