With the recent updates and resurfacing of our Whitepaper, The team wanted to create a video walkthrough for everyone that came straight from the mouth of the man behind Trybe.  A whitepaper is never done…  It’s an ongoing piece.  A truly successful project is a dynamic one.  A project that listens to user feedback, and has a direction, but also knows that some of the best suggestions come from the community and has enough fluidity to adjust as necessary.

A lot of the innovations contained within came from the kind words of encouragement and helpful suggestions from all of you.  Trybe is a community project and a community platform.  We have come so far in such a short period of time… I often am scared to sleep for fear that when I wake up, the world of EOS and cryptocurrency has changed, yet again…  It’s both scary and thrilling at the same time and working on the Trybe platform has been one of the best experiences we have all had to date.  The crazy thing is, it’s all just starting, and we are just getting warmed up.

That being said, we are quickly approaching our presale which is coming live over the next few days.  We wanted to ensure we had something on paper that was representative of the vision of the platform.  This sums it up.  For anyone who isn’t familiar (and even those who think they are), I am willing to bet you’ll find some excitement within…  We took the time to refine every little piece and create long lasting revenue models that were conducive to both user experience and sustaining tokenomics.

We want you all to know that we appreciate each and everyone of you.  We hope you enjoy watching the videos and reading the whitepaper as much as we did putting it together and refining it.  Thanks for being a part of Trybe.  Without our quickly expanding userbase and your ongoing suggestions none of this would be possible.  We are nothing without you and we are honored to have you within our community.

See the latest whitepaper HERE

Stay tuned for the launch of out presale.


The main features of Trybe

Content rewards and ratings



Advertising subdomains and content syndication

Token Distribution and token Sales

Staking and token economics

Future developments

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  1. CryptoBiker

    Great videos Matt, excited to see how the future developments work out considering the flexibility you will need to stay with and pivot towards certain trends, yet to appear on the horizon. Love the idea of BAT integration, widgets to spread the message out easily and efficiently to other platforms, and of course having the ability to STAKE. ^-^

  2. Paul J L

    Thanks so much for creating and sharing these videos, Matt. I’m super excited about the future of Trybe. I’m trying to help spread the word to as many people as possible. Keep up the fantastic work, Trybe devs!!

  3. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

    Matt and Tom thanks for the great video walk through of the whitepaper. I am new here (just started last week) but very impressed by what you guys are doing. Glad you made the video into 8 parts as each was just the right amount of time. Video 3 content rewards and rating at 24 sec I thought I was in the Matrix with the little glitch lol. I see you are a Sci-Fi Fantasy fan! +1 for Dune, Lord of the Rings and The Sheep look up, all good reads. I’ll add your whitepaper to my good reads list. Cheers!

  4. Zeus69

    Thanks Matt, i will definitely check the videos out and comeback for another response, once I have watched, time is my enemy at the moment but thanks for putting this together, I certainly have plenty of confidence in TRYBE and the future us as members within TRYBE.
    Regards, and thanks to the amazing team behind TRYBE.
    Keep up the fantastic work!
    Mark (Zeus69)