Updated September 5, 2018

Trybe is trying to make eyes widen with more opportunities to earn! We hope to accomplish that by the end of this article! Trybe is giving yet another way to put tokens in your wallet. I want to share with you some of the Trybe Token Sale strategies. We will look at it’s methodology, marketing, and numbers.


We at Trybe want you to hear about our upcoming ICO. There are four common ways that are available for conducting a token sale at this time. Variations of these are the most prevalently used methods happening right now.

  • #1

The first goes by the title Undetermined Price. Those who choose to participate in this type of crowdsale will receive a percent of tokens in proportion to the total contributions of each period.

  • #2

The second is called a Dutch Auction. This happens where the price of tokens inside the ICO is set high and decreases slowly while people start placing buy orders. Once the set target goal of funds to be raised is reached the auction ends. At this point the price is averaged and all contributors receive coins at the same price.

  • #3

The third method is a Price Rise. In this circumstance the price begins low and rises until the set funding goal is reached. In this model it can happen that a few contributors throw all the money in right away, reach the funding goal, and walk away with all the coins.

  • #4

The fourth goes by the title Fixed Price. In this case the price is set at a flat rate until all the tokens are sold. They are frozen until the target goal is reached and then distributed to the contributors.

Trybe will follow the first method as it has a proven track record. It also opens doors to making the tokens available for trade on exchanges. We will be listed on exchanges during this time! The Undetermined Price ICO should be a familiar method as it was the crowdsale format used by EOS. This was the most successful ICO in history raising a record 4B!


Every part of an ICO is important. One that cannot be left out is getting news of it in social media and throughout the web. We are aiming to get published on Telegram, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Discord, and any every other blockchain channel like Bitcointalk. Our marketing campaign aims to be successful by reaching out and extending rewards to our community. Every 32.5 days 1.87M TRYBE will be distributed towards referrals! This massive payout will be divvied out proportionally to associated contributions. This provides a huge incentive to promote the ICO. We will be, and hope you will too!

ICO Numbers

100M will go towards a Presale for verified investors, block producers, and others who could be helpful supporters and advisors. 400M TRYBE total will go towards the token sale. Proceeds will be used as follows:


  • Crowdsale

300M will be sold to buyers. This will take place through 13 hour cycles selling 200k each. The token sale will continue for approximately 2 years (812.5 days, 1.5k cycles). The contributors of every period will receive a portion of the 200k in relation to their funding.

  • Bonus Rewards

100M TRYBE will go towards Bonus rewards! 46.75M is for referrals. 53.25M is for token buyers.

  • Referral Bonuses

1.87M will be awarded every 32.5 days to affiliates for their referrals (46.75M over 25 periods). Each affiliate will receive a portion of the 1.87M in relation to the associated contributions they are responsible for.

  • Token Buyer Bonuses

There will be 3 Tiers of token buyer Bonus rewards. The first is for every 13hr cycle. The second is for every 32.5 days. The third is for all time and occurs after the ICO ends.

  • 13hr Bonus

25k will be awarded to the top 5 contributors after every 13hr cycle (37.5M over 1.5k cycles). If two buyers are tied, then the first to buy in will get the higher reward bracket. If less than 5 people contribute, the unfilled brackets will be reallocated towards the 32.5 day reward. The reward brackets will be 10k, 7k, 4.5k, 2.5k, and 1k.

  • 32.5 Day Bonus

260k will be awarded to the top 5 contributors after every 32.5 days (6.5M over 25 periods). The reward brackets will be 100k, 75k, 50k, 25k, and 10k.

  • All Time Bonus

9.25M will be awarded to the top 10 contributors of the entire duration of the ICO. The reward brackets will be 2.5M, 1.75M, 1.5M, 1M, 750k, 600k, 500k, 350k, 200k, and 100k.

That was the methodology, marketing and numbers involved with Trybe’s upcoming ICO. It contained a few strategies we are incorporating to make it successful. Everyone will have two years to check the 13hr cycles and potentially score big if being in the top 5 contributors. I hope your eyes smile to see this, because it means more development as more money enters our ecosystem!












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  1. Irina

    I accidentally found this project on the net, and I’m very glad that there is a company in the world that has a huge potential that has not been solved yet.
    This gives an opportunity today to make a contribution to your happy future))

  2. Cryptodad

    Nice to see you’re going with the same format as EOS, #1. I was very pleased with this format. It’s also going to be fun to watch Trybe be listed on exchanges simultaneously. Get in early and often my friends!

  3. Rich Reeve

    I’ve just read your whitepaper and Trybe sounds like an interesting and VERY ambitious project that is going to take a lot of hard work.
    The economics of the TRYBE token are incredibly complicated and I do have a few concerns.
    In your whitepaper, you talk about token inflation at 10% per year plus an equal increase related to the number of new users i.e 2% new users equals a 2% increase but then you also talk about token dilution and potentially distributing an increased X10 token supply which is massive. Turning 1 billion TRYBE into 10 billion. This would have serious implications for the market value of your token. I appreciate that these new tokens would be distributed to current holders but doesn’t that just over-complicate things? Not to mention the costs associated with a redistribution and all of the potential complications that could arise with the various exchanges. It would really disrupt the markets are harm your token.
    Your tokenomics seem far too complicated. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert on tokens but from my experience, it’s always the simple solutions that work the best. Exchange traded tokens need to be simple to ensure the market confidence.
    Also, how do I associate my EOS account?

  4. Zeus69

    MMMMM, I really do not know how I missed this great article, thank you fantastic management, great to know that value is shared among the loyal subscribers, and registered uses, and traders.