I learned about Trybe weeks ago from a friend on Steemit who claims this website will compete with Steemit. I am a member of the website almost a year ago, and so far I had wonderful experience. There are ups and downs, as everything used to be. Since I am into such kind of platform, I decided to join TRYBE. However, I never created my first post in here until now.

I admit I am not entirely knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies. I learned about cryptocurrency several years back when Bitcoin is still the only digital currency around. I even had coins.ph then, a popular bitcoin wallet in the Philippines which now included ETH, XRP, and BCH on their platform. I only had interest on cryptocurrencies January last 2017, when I joined a website called BTC Harvest. My knowledge is not enough about crypto as it only surrounds around Bitcoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies like ETH, LTC, and BCH (when forking happened).

By August 2017, I decided to join Steemit. I was part of a team which is somewhat not in a total order. When things didn’t work, I began to join different communities, and learned about other cryptocurrencies. I gradually did some research, which helped to learned more. I joined a lot of airdrops and bounty. I joined other social media sites which pays crypto. I can’t say all of these sites or apps are decentralized though.

Since I am now part of the Trybe, I will check out how things work here. I will surely learn more from Trybe-mates. I am also referring other members, though some didn’t join in yet, but I will convince them slowly, and nake them join the Trybe.

My journey starts here, and I hope I would be officially a part of the tribe of Trybe.

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