Benifits of Tulsi(Basil leaves)The Tulsi which is also known as “basil”is very common plant in Indian households. It is the most sacred of all the herbs found in India.It has been used in India since more than 5000 years and is well known for its healing properties on mind,body and soul. In Ayurveda: The tulsi plant has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda, a form of traditional Indian medicine. In Ayurveda, tulsi is considered an adaptogen, a natural herb that helps the body adapt to outside stressors. The herb is used in many forms—fresh, dried, powdered, herbal tea, essential oil—as an Ayurvedic remedy for a variety of common ailments. Tulsi has great potent germicidal, fungicidal, anti-bacterial and anti-biotic properties which can cure fever. It has the potential to cure any type of fever right from common infections to malaria. It is the best tonic to nourish the digestive organ and help create a normal balance between food particles and digestive acidity.

Kidney Stone: Regularly taking a mixture of basil leaves juice and honey for 6 months helps expel the stones via the urinary tract.Headaches: Basil makes a god medicine for headache.For curing diabetes: Keep tulsi root powder in water overnight and take it early morning. The medical property of the plant helps maintain insulin level in the body and is a nature cure of diabetes.If fresh basil(tulsi) leaves or plant is not available, you can buy tulsi powder online and use it appropriately. Tulasi also works a antioxidant. Strong antioxidant capacity was measured from Tulsi essential oil. Tulsi leaf powder was shown to combat cadmium-produced free radicals and restored liver and kidney functions in a study of broiler chickens. Tulsi increases immune function.

A review study of tulsi’s anti-cancer activity found effectiveness against skin cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and preventative effects against liver cancer, stomach cancer, and oral cancer.

Buying & Storing Tulsi

As a dried herb, tulsi won’t ever really go “bad” but it can get stale. Be sure and buy tulsi from a reputable company that can tell you when and how the herb was processed and packaged. Most herbs have the best flavor when brewed and enjoyed as soon as possible after their processing date. But if stored properly, it can stay fresh and drinkable for up to two years. To ensure your tulsi stays as fresh as possible as long as possible, take care to store it in a cool, dark place, away from light, oxygen, moisture and fragrant pantry companions like coffee or spices.

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