A visit to Tunisia generally must include the knowledge of its main city, Tunis with its beautiful Medina and the famous national museum called “Il Bardo” which collects a splendid collection of archaeological finds from the main sites that preserve ruins of the period of domination Romana.

Among these Carthage, UNESCO site is definitely a place to visit .. But also famous tourist resorts such as Hammamet or Sidi Bu Said are worthy of a visit.

But it is the interior of Tunisia that reveals the most authentic and original things, like this that I want to describe!

Tunisia is a country that has many surprises for a curious traveler. There are many places and monuments that can be visited during a few days’ travel but to see in Tunisia are the “troglodyte houses” of the Berber village called “Matmat”, located near the city of Djerba at the edge of the Sahara desert.

In Matmat you can see the singular houses excavated in the rock, typical of troglodyte architecture. The village, visited by many tourists, became famous because, years ago, it was the set of an episode of George Lucas’s “Star Wars” movie. And in fact it’s a lunar landscape ..

The individual houses are distributed around a courtyard located in a deep crater of 7 meters.

This will keep the houses cool and temperate even with the very high temperatures of this desert area. Man always seeks to protect himself from the adversity of the climate and for this reason always seeks architectural solutions that, as in this case, appear very strange.

Today, these dwellings are no longer inhabited, but are preserved in order to make tourists’ visits possible and, for this purpose, special excursions are organized. It is very interesting to visit these homes that have a symbol above their entrance as a security guard. Inside you can see the bedrooms, the kitchen with all the original furnishings and also the grandmother (original too) who is always happy to be photographed!

Thanks for your time!

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