Erhan Topaç, President of the Turkish Capital Markets Association, became the guest of the Anatolian Agency Finance Desk. TOPAÇ, tspb and the Association of Corporate Investor managers of Turkey (TKYD) in cooperation with Antalya, said that an efficient meeting was held for the development of Capital Markets, five investment advisory, savings increase, digital coins and ICOs such as the mass funding methods, such as shared their thoughts on 12 separate topics. Turkey is preparing for a new breakthrough in the field of ICO.

ICOs took part in presidential program for the first time

Topaç emphasized that the capital market in Turkey went back 5-6 years in comparison to the examples in the world. In addition, Topaç stated that there is a banking-weighted system in Turkey which is currently a continental European model. However, according to topaç, the UK, the USA, the Far East are using more capital markets and Turkey is left behind as a systemically.

As we have reported earlier, Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak presented digital coins and ICOs in the new economic program introduced in September. The ICO highlight in the 29-page booklet for the economic program attracted the attention of all Turkish Krypto money investors. The booklet contains the following statements in the policy and Measures section, which is the sub-title of the banking sector and real sector credits::

Modern and next generation financing methods such as crowdfunding and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) as an IPO alternative for financing innovative projects will be expanded by promoting digital transformation.

Turkey is preparing to prevent ICOs

Turkey is preparing to prevent ICOs

CMB organizes mass funding and ICOs

Topaç made the following assessments on the creation of next generation financing models, such as mass funding and digital money supply (ICO) for financing innovative projects in the presidential program::

We have an application called ‘sand pool’. Development of innovative fintech software provides infrastructure. Fintech has done studies on digital banking, electronic money and Blockchain technology, mass funding. For the first time, massive funding and ICOs have entered the presidential program after a long period of time. The law of mass funding has come up. The draft is expected. The Capital Markets Board (CMB) nearly finished it. We think he’s going to open his eyes this month. So mass funding begins. Especially if it starts with a few good examples. It is a good opportunity to support new investments, especially projects. It needs good evaluation.

Turkey is preparing to prevent ICOs

Turkey is preparing to prevent ICOs

“Turkey will be the scene of serious developments in the field of ICO.”

Topaç explains that there will be serious developments in Turkey regarding Krypto money in 2019 and that arrangements related to this market should be made without being behind the sector.:

Digital money attracted the attention of many regulatory agencies around the world. He’s editing or reviewing this. I think there will be serious developments in digital money in 2019. We got him on the show. Some things will be done to enable ICOs to enter capital market discipline. In the last 10 years, there have been serious developments in the field of both fintech and ICOs in the world, and Turkey has been a little further away from them. We find the presidential program very positive in terms of opening the way for these regulations. It seems that there will be serious steps taken in these areas next year. In doing this, we need to examine other countries and put Turkey in a good position. You have to make a nice arrangement before you step back.

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