Trybe is different from another blockchain social media. Trybe has rules that you must obey, especially in creating content. Well, here I will explain a little how to write content on this Trybe. The first thing you have to do before making content at Trybe is to understand their guidelines, such as writing at least 300 words, not spamming, plagiarism, and also having to have permission if the writing is translated In addition, make sure your writing has a category in Trybe, if not, please replace it with another one.

To prevent non-quality content, the Trybe party applies every post to cut 50 tokens and must go through a review process first. Because of that quality content that appears on Trybe. Can’t just upload one photo. Even though you are a Photography expert. Here is a guide to creating content for beginners:

New Post

– Before creating content, of course, you must have an account first. If not, please register here.

– Please login first, then you can post.

– Click the New post next to the top corner profile photo. If you don’t understand, see the picture above. After that, a page will appear where you created the content.

– Please write the title of your post.

– Then write the content you want to post. If you don’t understand, see the picture below.

Insert photos / videos

– Click on the area where you want to add photos.

– Click the add icon.

– Click the photo/video icon button.

– Select the photo/video that you want to paste in the post.

– Click open, wait until the image actually enters your post page. If you don’t understand, you can see the picture below.


Set Image Layout

– Click the inserted photo earlier.

– After scrolling the icon on the left, center and right side, please select according to your taste. I choose the center.

– If you want to delete please press the X icon on the image.

– Next, give the caption of the photo he gave. If you don’t understand, you can see the picture below.


Decorate writing layout.

Because Trybe uses WordPress then the system applies to Trybe layout as you set the layout on your WordPress blog. If you don’t understand, you can see the following method.

– Important points in managing the layout of Trybe are there when you block the posts you want to set.

– After that, the menu will set up like B (bold writing), I (italics), U underline writing.

– To adjust the size of the text, click H2 and H3.

– For Tables, please click Table Icon

– To make a quote click the quotation mark 2 ”

– To adjust the position of writing, you can select the left, center, right and right-left flat.

– Chain to create a source or link to a link. If on Steemit or another blockchain [Source] (link). If the Trybe Block posts what you want to make a link, then click the chain icon, paste the link click the sign below. Can devour the following image.

– Before pressing the publish button Make sure you choose the category 4 writing category, if you write in Indonesian, make sure to check the Indonesian category.

– Then give the tag by clicking add tag, a tag according to your writing.

– Add featured images or featured image (cover image).

– After all, completion, click Submit for review (50 tokens), the position above the title. For those of you who don’t understand, see the following picture.

So the tutorial wrote to Trybe on this occasion. If anyone doesn’t understand about writing at Trybe, please comment below. If you have never been reviewed every time you write, don’t hesitate to share in comments. Okay, that’s all in this edition of Trybe. I translate this article from my writing Trybe, who speaks Indonesian. For those who want to read in original Indonesian-language writing, please click here.

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