Because there was a friend who asked me how to register at Trybe, I finally made a post this time. I made this tutorial based on when I registered my friend account using the Vivaldi Browser. For those who don’t have a Trybe account and you have trouble registering an account, please refer to the following tutorial.

– Click register here

– Click Register

– Fill in your data in the form of:

1. Account Details consisting of username, Email, Password, same password / confirm password.

2. Your Profile Details which consist of your Name, Bio, interest live in the table according to you, your chosen Skil, Select also Available one, your income, EOS account when I register the account in this tutorial can not enter the EOS account.

– Finally, click Complete Sign Up, if you don’t understand, you can watch the following animation.

After that, it will come out as shown below. Please check your email. Then click the link sent to your email. Next, save the Activation Key, don’t lose it or be published because by losing the key there will be a possibility that your assets will also be lost. Then click Activate, if you don’t understand, you can see the animated image below.

After that, your account is active and ready to use. Please click Log in to enter your account. fill in your username and password when you register an account, usually, it will automatically be saved if you click save when registering. Can click Remember me and click Log in. If you don’t understand, please see the animated image below. Then your account is logged in and ready to create content or re-edit your profile.

Good luck and see you in the next tutorial. Don’t forget to follow @amriad because there will be other interesting tutorials about Trybe and also various digital business concept models, and cryptocurrency will be discussed here. Thank you for reading, reading, and comments.

If you do not understand English, please read Indonesian here.

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