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Welcome to Two Minute Crypto – and my one and only confident prediction for 2019. This year, likely late this year will see the emergence of crypto’s first wave ‘killer application’. By first wave I mean the application will dwarf current dApps for usage, numbering in the many tens of thousands rather than thousands. Let’s call it 100 thousand daily users. Tiny in the scheme of current centralized applications which summon daily users in the many millions on but as in most processes, momentum starts small and it is only over time that pace really picks up.

So a Killer dApp? Who, what, where, when, why? Good questions all.

As to who or what? My best guess is in the area of gaming, gambling or social sharing platform. In one of these three areas,  a dApp will emerge that takes crypto from the very few to the somewhat many. To take the current busiest chain as a reference point – EOS sports a game entitled EOSKnights that regularly sees more than 5k daily unique users. Also on EOS the gambling dApp DICE sees somewhere between 2 and 3 thousand players each day. These numbers are a start but hardly compelling and yet they are an order of magnitude above the numbers reported by Ethereum dApps. The next gen. of gaming/gambling or social media applications will leapfrog these numbers and bring 100k daily users into view. First wave, sure – market moving probably not, at least not more than local token price appreciation.

As to when? Late this year 3rd or 4th quarter. Why so late? Well for a plethora of reasons but key among them being that scalability is still an issue for each and every mainchain – more needs to be done but many talented developers are doing just that. Their collective labour seems more likely to pay off later in the year.

And why? Pent up demand, there are currently many hundreds of thousands of keen crypto enthusiasts admittedly spread across a wide range of different chains. Nonetheless, the first dApp to scratch the collective crypto itch will see an explosion of users, hype and profile.

This 2019 ‘killer dApp’ will prove critically important as the precursor to a true global crypto success story – and it will happen this year.

Thanks for listening.

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  1. James Diegel

    Sooner or later we will need to see a killer dapp for sure… but ya, I think the chains themselves have a way to go first… Personally, I really hope that the mainchains get their base solid enough for one before the next bull run as I don’t think having another bull run without some killer use cases beyond the scope of crypto will be any more sustainable than the last… That said, the combination of a dapp on top of some chain drawing attention to crypto from non-crypto users is exciting to say the least… Lets all hope its a chain that we have invested in 😉

  2. Zeus69

    Hey bud, great post, I will listen to the podcast later when home, I have book marked it. Thanks for sharing bud. Sounds like an interesting project to invest in.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  3. AD

    EOS has a lot of gambling apps and competion is already big on sports betting, gambling, etc., outside the EOS platform as well as on EOS. Since there are so many, I feel landing on the right one is almost as likely as hitting the jackpot.
    Here’s to hoping.
    Rated*****. Solid as usual.

  4. Julia Williams

    Dear friend,
    A killer dApp with 100 thousands and more users definitely possible and I this will start catching after the third quarter as there is huge buzz around the decentralised dApp growth.
    Thank you for bringing some beautiful stuff to enjoy.

    With love and respect.