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Two Minute Crypto – Crypto Sectarianism

Welcome to two-minute crypto, for today’s episode I’d like to look at the negative role widespread sectarianism plays in the crypto market.

If you’ve ever glanced at a crypto forum you’ll no doubt have read posts along the lines of Bitcoin sucks, Bitcoin cash is a fraud, Eth will never scale, EOS is a 4 billion scam and so on and on. So many crypto projects find themselves portrayed as simplistic dualities, BTC or BCC, ETH or EOS as though the success of one necessarily precludes the success of the other.

Many crypto enthusiasts seem wedded to their crypto of choice, XVG forever, Tron or bust. The clarion call of trust in one and only one pervades the cryptosphere and unintentionally undermines it.

Stepping back for a moment, why should the success of one protocol, let’s say NEO, negatively impact the prospects of another or all other protocols? Zooming out to the tech sector, there are countless competing tech companies large and small. Many are direct competitors think Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google and Huawei in the smartphone market. Sure, each companies’ market dominance ebbs and flows and some will eventually fail but the steady innovation their collective competition generates is great, both for them and the end consumer. Crypto project competition is no different. The very last thing we need is a single dominant and eventually stagnant protocol or one global currency to rule them all.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are tech often married to a transformative social, political or economic vision. However, they are not religion and should not be taken on faith. There is not only one crypto truth, sorry Bitcoin Maximalists, but like anything else in life, a range of viable and generally complementary options. So, the next time you find yourself about the downvote that Ethereum or EOS Reddit post, out of standing conviction alone, take a moment, who knows maybe there’s something in what the poster said?

Thanks for listening


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  1. Zeus69

    Hey if members don’t like the content of an article, video or podcast, etc they shouldn’t vote down, rather give critic to the writer, but at least vote up for the effort, research and work gone into it, this is what I believe in. Optimism all the way. If they dont understand how to vote surely they can read the rules, maybe thats where the problem was @cryptosdecrypted, sometimes a mistake can happen where a person clicks 1 star but meant it to be 5. TRYBE should allow the person to change vote before submitting in case of this.
    Well, after my long story, I have given you – full marks, well deserved.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  2. Adil Elias

    Somebody had to say this, thanks for stepping up. I hear you man, crypto-sectarianism is one of the dirtiest stains on the sector. A lot of time that could’ve been used to add some value and create something constructive is spent on… Well, politics.

    And you’re right, there’s this type of absolutism philosophy that makes you scratch your head haha It’s almost religious but in the extreme way.

    Thanks for the great post once again, you’re right on the money as usual!

    1. CryptosDecrypted Post author

      Thanks, Adil. You always have keen observations to offer and put them forward in a supportive manner too. Yeah, inter-project sniping is just a waste of everyone’s time. Innovate, produce, iterate, but don’t be irate! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) Cheers, mate!

  3. Conceptskip

    Valid points @cryptosdecrypted i often wonder about it, but on the other hand i often find myself in a tribal situation. Of course it depends on ones investment. For me it’s e.g. hard to stay neutral towards ETH, because i had supported it for quite a while, but came to the conclusion its not the best project for the future, so i just have a strong opinion when it comes to it… 😉