UEFA Champions League

A battle for the champions

A battle where the best 36 teams battle for the crown

The crown gets more scary

The crown gets more interesting

The crown gets more entertaining

The Crown glue thousands to a seat

The crown set eyes unflickered

Millions stand to watch

Millions sit to watch

Did I say millions?

Probably billions if not trillions

Millions travel to watch

Millions have a peak to see the kings play

The battle get more intense when 16 teams are sent to crawl elsewhere

Champions continue to battle for the crown.

Who will get the crown?

Hey! They tolerate mistakes at home right?

Here, where champions are crowned, mistakes are dealt with

Everytime the best stands tall

For years the favourite have stand tall.

Will they continue to stand tall?

Will the champions be crowned Legend again?

As questions go through your mind

So are they tensed to fight as champions

The crowned becomes the best in the world

As the suspense grew stronger

Kings are injured 🤕

Once a king was injured and exceptionality in play is questioned

Will kings go back smiling?

Yeah… The heat only gets higher when 8 teams are sent back home to rest and 8 champions are still in the race.

The best proceeds : The weak rests

Who will be the best? Who will proceed?

UEFA Champions League offers the best entertainment in the world. Watch as LIVERPOOL FC battle with PARIS SAINT GERMAIN, 28/11/2018



Will the best as usual proceed?

Will there be tears?

Champions league offers you, the suspense, the tension and solution.

Unarguably the best tournament in the world.

The tournament all footballer dream to participate

Are you a lover of football, yet you don’t watch the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE?

The definition of football is yet to be determined by you.

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