There are many great reasons to be a part of our pre-sale, but here are just a couple:

  • already has over 12,000 members in less than 3 months
  • Each day we get over 5000 visitors to our site and these numbers are growing rapidly
  • Trybe will soon become one of the number one portals for crypto information and advertising – a billion dollar industry
  • The total online advertising industry is worth a whopping USD260 billion – and over the next 3 years we aim to take a good portion of that as Trybe becomes a well known social network
  • Steemit (a similar platform) was worth over $2B at its peak. Trybe is currently worth less than $20M, so there is plenty of room for growth.
  • Apart from the features available on our existing site, Trybe is currently building a new platform that will have many more amazing features such as: A portfolio tracker for EOS tokens, a music sharing platform similar to SoundCloud but monetized with TRYBE tokens, a job board for jobs in the crypto community, a games portal for EOS games, and many more…  



There are also some great bonuses for investing in our pre-sale:

Christmas 2 for 1 Bonus

Buy into our pre-sale before the 25th of December and on that date we will be DOUBLING all your pre-sale tokens! Due to the recent downturn in crypto prices we have decided to reward all our pre-sale buyers with twice their tokens on that date.

Monthly top contributor bonus:

Each month, the 10 top contributors for the month will share in a 1 million token bonus. This will be divided amongst them based on how much they each invested in that month.

All time top contributor bonus:

At the end of the pre-sale, we will be giving away a 5 million TRYBE bonus to the top 20 contributors of all time. Again, this will be divided proportionately amongst them based on their total contribution during the pre-sale.




On top of our pre-sale bonuses, we will also be giving away bonuses each month in the form of airdrops. These bonuses are designed to encourage people to HOLD their TRYBE tokens – because the more they hold, the higher their bonus will be each month! 

Please note that airdrops will not be automatically deposited into your account but you will need to claim them from our wallet (this functionality will be available before the first airdrop).

Here are the dates and the amounts for these bonuses:

11th December – 10M TRYBE tokens

10M tokens will be distributed amongst all TRYBE holders proportionately, based on your total TRYBE balance (the total will be taken from your EOS account balance, your pre-sale balance, and your on-site balance on The more tokens you have in total, the more you will receive.

11th January – 11th November (one each month)

5M tokens will be distributed each month amongst all TRYBE holders proportionately, again based on the total TRYBE you hold (in your EOS account, in our pre-sale, and in your account).

Plus, an extra 1M tokens will be distributed to the top 50 TRYBE token holders (proportionately based on their balance).

On top of that, a further 1M tokens will be distributed to the top 10 token holders!

Note: If you are in the top 10 token holders, you will receive all 3 airdrops for that month!

For more information, please check out this post:

Trybe Airdrop Reward and Community Incentive Program


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  1. Dukefish

    I am pleased to see that this community is growing! I am looking forward to the update and the monthly airdrops!

    My only concern is that by airdropping vast amounts to the top 10 and 50 contributors is that the range is a little narrow. While the top percentage airdrops is a very good incentive to encourage the generation of good quality content I feel it would better help stimulate the community if more of the pie was available to a few more mouths.