On one of my trawls through the EOS blockchain I came across an airgrab for a token that I have never heard of before – Ethereum on EOS (EETH). This is a Chinese token made by a group called EOSfavor. The interface for the Airgrab looks very similar to the one for the EOStoolkit made by Genereos.

EOStoolkit? No it’s EOSfavor.

The main website is in Chinese but from what I can gather Ethereum on EOS is meant to be a method of using Ethereum to deliver Airdrops onto the EOS chain. This would mean that costs for developers would be reduced significantly. As such it wouldn’t be useful to do the airgrab unless this method of delivery caught on with developers as it does use up some of your EOS RAM.

Does anyone have any further information on EOSFavor or EETH as I am curious to know if this could actually take off.

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  1. Jaki

    Thank you for sharing this post. Could someone from EOS Community or Trybe Community find some more information about EETH airdrop and the team behind this project? It will be fine to know something about this project.

  2. RiseofKingfresh

    I did some searching and cant seem to find anything. I did notice this on the memo // Eosfavor (Send 1 ‘EETH’ to another account without ‘EETH’, you will get 5000 EETH as award)// so i tried and sure enough i got 5000 EETH, then i tried again to another wallet and received another 5000. I Wanted to find out more about it before sending 1 EETH to anymore wallets. anyone with more info please share. Thanks.

  3. Edgar Holla

    I also got some out of the blue, and I never sent anything to them. But now I’ve been playing around with sending 1 EETH around and getting thousands of extra EETH instantly. I can send you some if you want to have some fun with them.

    Nobody seems to be able to find any info about it anywhere. Maybe we need more bilingual Chinese/English speakers on trybe. a couple of projects don’t really seem to cross the language barrier.

  4. Zutto

    I tried the airgrab but it doesn’t seem to work… there is another page with different graphics for an airgrab via TokenPoket App but I don’t want to install it. Can someone please send an EETH token to me? Maybe if I send it to someone else it will come back as 5000… (I doubt)

  5. SouthernCrossroads

    I have been trying to figure this air drop myself. If you transfer 1 token to an account that does not have eeth in their wallet they receive 501 and you receive 4000. A second transaction will add about 3500 to the account. I am still trying to figure out what the project is of if it’s dangerous..

  6. eosforker

    I joined their their telegram. https://t.me/anyosio, and got below information.

    There are three ways to claim eeth
    1) js4eos ext claimeeth (npm install -g js4eos)
    2)wallet.eosfavor.com(need chrome with scatter)
    3)search eosfavor in tab “found” of tokenpocket(a wallet)

    they all will get a account without eeth automatically.

    Their official website is http://anyos.io

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